Month: December 2021

Expanding the Spread Betting Multiverse

There are always two sides to a story. This also holds true with spread betting, which has gone a long way that it expanded at a giant universe, or say, a multiverse, through several sports betting websites that are accessible anywhere from a local bar to even a remote town that barely has enough Internet access for bettors to stake their money on the games they love.

What is Betting Against the Spread or ATS?

What is Betting Against the Spread or ATS?

Sports betting is all about the thrill, the rush, the feeling of earning heaps of money off compelling bets. And there couldn’t be a more exciting type of sports betting than betting against the point spread, more commonly known as ATS. But what exactly is betting against the spread? How does it differ from the typical wagers that bettors do?

An Essential Guide to Straight Betting

Sports Betting is fun and exciting. However, that might not be the case for betting noobs. It’s very easy to be lost in confusion on how Sports betting works and its terminologies. This guide offers a helping hand by going through and explaining the meaning of the most fundamental aspect of Sports betting: Straight betting.