Avira VPN

Best for USA and Europe
Try this VPN Avira, founded over thirty years ago by electrical engineer Tjark Auerback and his business partner, started as an IT company named H+BEDV Datentechnik. The company's headquarters is situated on the German shores of Lake Constance, with additional offices in San Jose (USA), Bucharest (Romania), and Munich (Germany). Within two years, Avira launched its initial antivirus product for MS-DOS systems and ventured into business security. The company now operates 100 servers across 28 countries in 39 locations, with a strong focus on the US and Europe. While it includes India and Mexico, Avira lacks coverage in Africa and South America, areas that could benefit from expansion. Notably, it offers servers in Hong Kong but doesn't include regions with restrictive internet policies, such as Russia, Turkey, and Vietnam.

Privacy and encryption

Avira Phantom VPN doesn't have a robust logging policy, but it ensures secure data encryption using advanced technology. Both the free and Pro versions employ AES-256 cipher, the strongest encryption available. Through packet-sniffing tests, we confirmed that all incoming and outgoing traffic is effectively encrypted, maintaining data confidentiality. Avira prioritizes security by making OpenVPN the default connection protocol across all apps, with the added option of WireGuard in its Android app, offering an even more advanced choice than OpenVPN. It is worth noting that a kill switch is currently limited to Windows for paid users, leaving a significant security gap for Apple and Android users, and we hope to see this feature extended across all Avira Phantom apps.