Best for USA, Canada, Europe and UAE
Try this VPN Surfshark distinguishes itself with unique features that set it apart from other VPN services. Notably, its Bypasser is a split tunneling tool, allowing you to choose which apps and websites utilize the VPN. This feature proves handy when certain sites block access via VPN, requiring you to disable it temporarily. Surfshark's solution is both neat and more user-friendly than comparable options. An impressive announcement from Surfshark reveals the expansion of its VPN servers to 100 countries, surpassing the coverage of competitors like ExpressVPN (94 countries) and Hotspot Shield VPN (96 countries). While a notable achievement, the claim of being the "first premium commercial VPN" with access to 100 countries may be a stretch. Surfshark goes beyond the typical VPN offerings by implementing a generous policy that allows unlimited devices to be connected. Additionally, it provides split tunneling and introduces the rarely-seen multi-hop connection tool. Diversifying its services, Surfshark incorporates features like antivirus protection, breach detection, and the removal of personal information from data brokers.

Privacy and encryption

If your VPN isn't safeguarding your data properly, it's akin to a situation where the threat comes from within. But fear not, we thoroughly investigated this scenario, inspecting every nook and cranny, and here's what we discovered. Using outdated encryption methods is like having an old lock on a safe – it's better than nothing, but we all desire stronger protection for our valuable information. Upon careful examination, we found that Surfshark employs AES 256-bit encryption, aligning with the standards expected from VPNs in 2023. Adding an extra layer of security, Surfshark channels our traffic through multiple servers, enhancing the concealment of our web activity. This isn't a common feature even among top-tier VPNs, so we have confidence in Surfshark's ability to safeguard our online actions.