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What Market to Choose for the First-ever bet? (1×2)

The 1x2 market is a great place to start for beginners because it's easy to understand and there are only several possible outcomes.

Published on 22 Mar 2023

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When first looking over the betting options available to them, novice sports bettors might find the concept of 1X2 betting confusing. Most soccer bets are on the 1×2 market, which means that you pick a team to win or lose. Find out where you can place your first bet and what markets are available.

What Is the 1×2 Betting Market?

There’s no denying that the 1X2 market is a staple in the world of sports betting. Full-time betting, which is also called “three-way betting,” is a popular option for gamblers because it is easy to learn and has a high rate of success.

In 1X2 betting, the most important information is already in the name. Any sport event where you can bet on the outcome can go one of three ways, which are all included in the name. For simplicity’s sake, let’s say that a score of 1 indicates a home victory, X a tie, and 2 an guest team’s triumph. This means picking just one of the three possible outcomes — home win, away win, or draw — is all that’s required. However, one can observe additional options of this betting market like: victory of the first team or a draw; victory of the second team or a draw; there will be no draw.

While the 1×2 market is the most popular and straightforward type of betting in football, there are additional options available to bettors. One of these options is to bet on the victory of the first team or a draw, which is denoted as 1X. This means that the bettor is choosing between the home team winning or the match ending in a draw. Another option is to bet on the victory of the second team or a draw, which is denoted as X2. In this case, the bettor is choosing between the away team winning or the match ending in a draw. Finally, there is the option to bet on there being no draw, which is denoted as “DNB” or “draw no bet”. This means that if the match ends in a draw, the bettor’s stake will be returned to them. These additional options provide more variety and flexibility for bettors to choose from, depending on their risk tolerance and betting strategy.

One of the most lucrative sectors of the sports betting industry, this type of wagering is available at most sportsbooks and trading platforms. For this reason, it is in your best interest to learn its rules so that you can consistently make profitable wagers. So, learn about the different ways to bet on football and why you should choose one.

1×2 Full-Time Result

For football matches, the most common bet is on the final score, which is also known as a 1×2 bet. Bets can be placed on the home team (1), the away team (2), or a draw (x). Football betting is mostly a three-way market, and punters who want to place a full-time result accumulator—a bet in which they can pick three outcomes and multiply their payouts—often do so in this way.

Certainly, a 1×2 accumulator coupon can be found with your preferred bookmaker; all you have to do is tap on the teams and check out the available multiple bet options, among which is the accumulator. In a perfect world, the payout percentage would be 100 percent. However, bookmakers typically include a small house edge in their wagers. Despite this, many offer competitive odds on major games from the Premier League and others.

1×2 Double Chance

You’ll often see the Double Chance bet highlighted on football coupons, giving punters the same odds as the 1×2 market but with twice as many possible outcomes. The Double Chance market has the same number of choices as the full-time result market, but only two of those choices will be paid out as winners, making the odds significantly lower than those found in the 1×2 market.

Suppose you like Norwich FC but also want to make money regardless of the score. Unless Chelsea manages to pull off an upset, now could be the time to place an even-money bet and cash in if you’re correct. If you think Chelsea will win but want a backup plan, you could choose one of the lower-priced options instead.

Newbies can also take advantage of bookmakers’ bonus offers, such as the bonus from our partner Stake and get $2 reload for 7 days.

1×2 Half-Time / Full Time 

The halftime and full-time football betting market features nine different wagering options. A customer’s task here is to forecast the 1×2 outcome at halftime and the 1×2 outcome at full-time. The 1×2 result at halftime is referenced in the first part, and the 1×2 result at the final whistle is referenced in the second part. Therefore, you would back the Blues at 15/8 on the halftime/full-time market if you believe the favorites will be ahead at the interval and go on to win the match.

Bettors who want to back the favorite to win a football game but are willing to take a higher price on that bet than they would get on the 1×2 market often turn to the Asian Handicap. It’s also possible to imagine a team getting off to a fast start, only to have their opponents come roaring back in the second half, though the odds on this

1×2 Handicap

Asian handicap wagers are popular with customers, and books try to maintain low-profit margins by offering these wagers. These betting markets are a little more complex, but they pay off handsomely once you learn the ropes. In the same way as before, your trading platform will take into account which team is the favorite and which team is the underdog when deciding which team receives the handicap odds.

The number of goals scored by both teams should be taken into account alongside their overall record. You can back the favored team if you’re confident of a landslide victory or the underdog if you think the score will be close or your team will lose by a single point. Alternative Asian Handicap Lines are another option, and they are sometimes simpler to understand.

If you placed a bet on Norwich FC and they ended up winning or drawing, your bet would be considered a winner. That’s because somebody is giving them a half-goal advantage over Chelsea that doesn’t actually exist. Similarly, if you bet on Chelsea, you’ll only win if they triumph. As long as they came out on top when the final whistle blew, it wouldn’t matter by how much of a margin.

Correct Score

Unlike the full-time result and double chance markets, the correct score market allows wagers on any two outcomes. Customers can place wagers on as many different outcomes as they like, reflecting the fact that football games can end in any number of ways and that the odds of each are equally likely. If you think a football game will be close, you might want to bet on a 1-0 or 1-1 scoreline. However, if you want to bet on a goalless draw, you should avoid this market and instead back “No Goalscorer” on the First Goalscorer betting market, since your own goals aren’t counted in this instance.

A bettor who thinks the home team will keep a clean sheet and win by either scoreline (1-0 or 2-0) may choose to wager on both possible outcomes. But your chances of making a profit from a market bet decrease in proportion to the number of bets you place. When a football game goes into play, punters have the option of betting on the final score or, for a shorter-term wager, the half-time score. Bookmakers like bet365 also offer Halftime/Fulltime Correct Score betting options.

Bottom Line

One of the most lucrative areas of the betting market is 1X2. When compared to other forms of gambling, it is by far the most adaptable and provides the most options. To put it another way, it’s friendly to both novice and seasoned gamblers. You, the player, will have a great time and walk away with some nice winnings. 1X2 betting is the best way to make profitable winnings without spending too much money because it is easy to understand and make bets based on simple predictions.

In conclusion, the 1×2 market is a great place to start for those who are placing their first-ever bet. It’s a simple and straightforward market where you can choose between three possible outcomes – home win, away win, or draw. However, for those who want more options, there are additional markets available, such as 1X, X2, and draw no bet. As with any type of betting, it’s important to do your research and analyze the statistics and trends related to the teams and the league before placing your bet. By understanding the markets and making informed decisions, you can increase your chances of success and make your first-ever betting experience a positive one. Learn more in Free Betting Reviews.

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