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2022 African Nations Championship Finals Overview

The sixth African Nations Championship, featuring each region's best teams is over. See the best moments of the 2022 African Nations Championship Final with FBR.

Published on 07 Feb 2023

This competition in men’s football is scheduled to take place every two years, and it takes place in January most of the time. It is open to all African countries whose national teams have qualified for the championship tournament. Read on to find out who won the Africa Cup of Nations Championship in 2022.

Final Match Overview Algeria Vs Senegal

The day before, Algeria hosted the final match of the African Nations Championship 2022, in which the host country played against the national team of Senegal.

The main and extra time, unfortunately, did not give either team a chance to score a goal and the score was still 0:0. According to Free Betting Reviews experts, the Algerian team was closest to victory, having 16 shots at the opponent’s goal and having a higher indicator of expected goals. The team of Senegal had 12 shots on goal, and the index of expected goals was much lower than that of the opposing team.

Watching the penalty shootout, all fans held their breath when the Algerian player failed to bring his team the first score from the first kick. However, the referees noticed a violation by the Senegalese goalkeeper, so a second penalty kick was awarded, which turned out to be successful for Algeria and the score was 0:1.

After this gaffe, both opponents were already scoring without a miss. However, in the fourth attempt, Ndiaye did not score a point for his team. The Algerians in turn did not spoil their next attempt, and were close to the triumph, but the decisive shot of Aymen Mahious was extremely unsuccessful, and the series went to strikes before the first miss. The match was very tense, but in the end the Senegalese team won with a score of – 5:4.

What Prevented Other Teams from Reaching the Final?

  • Cameroon

Cameroon may have lost a few players over the years, but in their place, new players with incredible talent have arisen. The transformations of the team could lead to the fact that the team’s level of play was not at the highest. We know that the teamwork of players is extremely important, and the development of new strategies and combinations of new and old players is the basis for winning games. Cameroon was the host country for the last competition, and even though the odds were against them. 

  • Morocco 

The Atlas Lions are one of the strongest teams in Africa, and despite the fact that they were without a few key players for this competition, they got a very excellent team performance and were one of the powerhouses in this league despite the absence of those players. They were without a doubt one of the top three favorites to win the CHAN 2022 and got favorable odds to come in first place in Algeria, but the situation turned out differently, largely due to a chosen strategy.

  • Ghana 

Even though Ghana was eliminated in the group stage of the most recent FIFA World Cup, they got a shot at adding to their collection of trophies by competing in this championship. After being unable to compete in the World Cup, the Black Stars got a number of talented players who were competing in the domestic league. The chances of Ghana winning the African Nations Championship in 2022 were favorable and high. However, Ghana missed their chance for the final game by losing to Republic of Niger 2:0. 

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The 2022 African Nations Championship was an exciting event for football fans and bettors alike. We all know that sport is not only a matter of the right strategy, talented players, but also luck, as we can judge from the final penalty shootout. However, all participating teams were strong and showed not just any kind of endurance, but also skill. We are looking forward to the next African Nations Championship, and in the meantime, you can follow the future championships of other Leagues along with Free Betting Reviews.

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