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Arbitrage Calculator: Guarantee Your Future Profit

Arbitrage betting for beginners can be pretty tricky, so be sure to read our guide before you get started.

Published on 28 Feb 2023

An arbitrage calculator is a tool that determines whether an event is suitable for an arbitrage wager. Using the arbitrage betting strategy, you can profit from variations in an event’s results and make money regardless of what happens. Your capital is automatically divided among your bets, and the arbitrage calculator displays the estimated return.

Features of Arbitrage Calculator

  • It chooses between 2 and 5 options for a certain arbitrage; the calculator lets you choose between 2 and 5 possible results. For instance, you can wager on Team A to win, Team B to win, or a draw in a football game.
  • Identifies the profit margin and any potential for arbitrage. It provides a more precise method of detecting whether there is an arbitrage opportunity in a sporting event and simultaneously establishes the profit margin.
  • Automatically calculates stakes for each wager. The calculator decides how much of your total stake should go to each wager.
  • Examines possible winnings and gains for each wager. The calculator aids the bettor in selecting the most advantageous bet by showing the predicted payment for each wager.
  • Automatically rounds up stake amounts to the nearest whole number. The calculator rounds up your bet to the nearest whole figure for each bet of $1, $5, $10, or $20.
  • Biases your bets, favoring the one with the highest chance of success and breaking the other even. This increases the chances of a specific outcome.

How to Use the Arbitrage Calculator?

Bettors who want a guaranteed win can try to make a sure bet. When you place sure bets, you wager on two or more match outcomes at different bookmakers, and you will receive profit regardless of the result of the match.

A simple calculation can determine if you have an arbitrage opportunity:

  1. Select the number of bets that will be put on the arbitrage you have selected.
  2. When placing bets or wagers on this arbitrage, provide the approximate total stakes for all of them.
  3. Enter the best decimal odds that are available for each wager.
  4. The arbitrage calculator determines the acceptable profit margin and the existence of arbitrage.
  5. The calculator will then provide potential payouts for every outcome.
  6. Select a result that you consider to be worthwhile. Favorable bet stakes should be picked to maximize profit on this outcome, while the other stakes should be set to break even.


Let’s take an NBA game to be played between the New York Knicks and the Philadelphia 76ers as an example.

The New York Knicks are given the best odds from the available bookmakers to win the game, which are entered as bet 1. For example, the highest odds from the available bookmakers for the New York Knicks to win the game are 2.5 Odds. The highest odds obtained for the Philadelphia 76ers to win the game is also entered as bet 2. E.g. 3.25 is the best available odds from bookmakers for the 76ers to emerge victors.

The best available odds for a draw are finally entered as bet 3. E.g. 5.2 is the best available odds for a draw. To maximize profit, the Calculator will determine the amount that must be staked on each wager from the total stake.

  • For Bet 1, an approximate stake of $44 is required
  • For Bet 2, an approximate stake of $34 is required
  • For Bet 3, an approximate stake of $21 is required

From the calculated stake, each of these bets gives an expected payout of about $110, and the profit margin stands at $10. You’d make $10 on your total stake regardless of the outcome.

Benefits of Arbitrage Calculator in Sports Betting

  1. An arbitrage calculator removes the burden of determining how much to stake on each outcome to ensure a profit.
  2. It offers precise estimates to enable you to prevail in every circumstance.
  3. It eliminates the dangers associated with betting in general. It transpires bets for your outcomes with zero loss potential in any scenario.
  4. It ensures a profit no matter what happens in a specific confirmed arbitrage sporting event.

Arbitrage betting for beginners can be pretty tricky, so be sure to read our guide before you get started. Also, it is essential to remember that bookmakers do not support arbing, so they can even block bettors’ accounts on the platform. It is crucial to think and act quickly.

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