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Aston Villa VS Arsenal: Match, Odds and Predictions

Who has a better chance of winning: Aston Villa or Arsenal? FBR will try to give you the answer in this article.

Published on 23 Feb 2023

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In the English Premier League action scheduled for this coming Saturday (18 February), Aston Villa and Arsenal will square off against one another. Aston Villa enters the match with a record of 8 wins, 4 draws, and an astounding 9 losses, and they are now ranked eleventh, which is the worst possible position in the table. On the other side, Arsenal has a record of 16 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses to its name so far this season. The Arsenal football team is currently in first place in the Premier League rankings.

Match Preview: Aston Villa vs. Arsenal

This season’s Premier League kicked off with Aston Villa taking on Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. The match was the first of its kind. The Gunners were able to assert their dominance from the beginning of the game.

Arsenal managed to hold just a little more possession of the ball, 59% for them made the difference; Aston Villa made their proposition and kept 41% of the ball. It was a really thrilling encounter, and the ball kept passing from the legs of one competitor to the legs of another competitor. Because of the high level of competition, there was a lot of switching of players who had possession of the ball.

The home team was successful in 84% of their combinations, while the away team obtained 76% accuracy in its passes. The Gunners’ assault was particularly sharp.

Gabriel Jesus of Manchester City scored the first goal of the game for Arsenal in the 30th minute to get the scoring started. The first half would end with only one goal being scored. In the second leg, Aston Villa midfielder Douglas Luiz scored the equalizer in the 74th minute to bring his team back into a tie.

Under these circumstances, the score would not remain tied for very long; in the 77th minute, striker Gabriel Martinelli would score his goal with an assist from defender Bukayo Saka. The score of Aston Villa’s match against Arsenal would end up being 1–2, and that would be the final outcome.

Prediction for the Match Aston Villa VS Arsenal: Who will Win?

Three of the most recent five encounters between these clubs, which were contested between November 2020 and August 2022, resulted in victories for the Gunners, while the Villans were victorious in two of those matches. It appears that the Villans will not be an exception to the rule in this match, as the visitors have been scandalous this season, leaving many opponents surprised.

According to Free Betting Reviews experts’ prediction for the match between Aston Villa and Arsenal on the 18th of February, the home team will suffer a loss.

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Aston Villa VS Arsenal FC Odds

Aston Villa has been able to maintain their position throughout the season, but they have not been successful in discovering a formula that allows them to obtain consistently solid results. They experience a sudden rise in quality, but it will be challenging for them to maintain it. The encounter between Aston Villa and Arsenal on February 18 will be a very challenging job, and both teams will need to bring their best game to the table.

On the other hand, Arsenal kicked off the season with a champion mentality, which is currently paying off rather well. Fans have witnessed the team not only win, but also put on fantastic displays of soccer.

Every match they play in is a show, and the one on February 18th between Aston Villa and Arsenal is sure to be no different. The following odds, as provided by CyberBet, pertain to the upcoming match that will take place this coming Saturday.

  • Aston Villa – 4.50
  • Draw – 3.62
  • Arsenal FC – 1.69

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