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Copa Libertadores Second Round, Most Winning Odds and Betting Options

The unique fervor and vitality of the Copa Libertadores never cease to amaze spectators. Learn about Copa Libertadores predictions and odds.

Published on 09 Feb 2023

The Copa Libertadores is one of the most prestigious tournaments in club football, and it’s no wonder why; it features some of the best teams from all over South America competing for glory and bragging rights. The winner of this tournament will be invited to compete in the FIFA Club World Cup, giving them an opportunity to prove their worth against some of the best teams in the world.

For any fan of South American football, watching or attending a Copa Libertadores match is an experience that they will never forget. With its long history and intense competition, it’s no wonder why this tournament continues to draw attention from around the world.

Copa Libertadores Betting Options

Because there are so many ways to bet on the Copa Libertadores, it is a popular sporting event for gamblers. One hand gives you the chance to wager on the standard options like match winner, total goals, etc. Bets can be placed on whether teams will advance from the group stage as well as on the performance of specific teams. 

You can place your bets at any reliable bookmaker for the game. You may also wager on which group’s third-placed team will advance to the Copa Sudamericana. The series winner (the team that advances) is one betting option, but other outcomes, such as the top goal scorer or overall winner, are also available. There are, without a doubt, a lot of other betting markets, and each one gives you a different set of options.

Second Round of Copa Libertadores 

Below we present the most anticipated matches in the second round of Copa Libertadores according to FBR analysts and fans. 

  • Curicó Unido vs. Cerro Porteño (Second Round)

Paraguay’s Cerro Porteno takes on Chile’s Curico Unido in the second round. Both teams are well-known in South American soccer. Cerro Porteno is playing in the Copa Libertadores for the 44th time and for the fifth year in a row. Six times, most recently in 2011, they’ve reached the semifinals but have never advanced to the championship game. The well-known Paraguayan team just came in second place in both the Apertura and Clausura seasons of the Primera Division. Curico Unido, who earned the third and final qualification berth for the Libertadores by finishing third in the Primera Division de Chile, stands in their way. This is the Chilean team’s first-ever participation in the illustrious competition.

  • Atletico Mineiro vs. Carabobo (Second Round) 

The champions of Brazil’s Serie A in 2021 are playing in the second round of qualifying for the Copa Libertadores. Last season, Atletico Mineiro placed sixth in Brazil’s domestic division, good enough for the sixth and final slot in the Copa Libertadores. Even though Atletico Mineiro had a bad season in the league, oddsmakers think they are the second-most likely team to win the Copa Libertadores in 2023 at 5.50. This is despite the fact that they have one of the strongest squads in Brazil. Carabobo, a Venezuelan club, will provide a stern initial test. They just finished fourth in Venezuela’s Primera Division and third in the playoffs for South America’s Copa Libertadores. The Brazilians will be the clear favorites to win the tournament.

Predictions and Odds

Given how well the Brazilian teams have done in the four previous versions of this competition, it’s hard to say that you should bet against them. It is apparent that all three of the top favorites to win the Copa Libertadores in 2023 are from Brazil’s Serie A. 

This shows that the oddsmakers agree with the pundits. Striker Gabriel Barbosa is sure to be a popular pick considering the firepower they have displayed in recent seasons and the winning history they have established. If Meng’o can keep hold of their precious number nine, then they will always have a chance to win the trophy and take home the reward money.

Another team to keep an eye on that has some appealing odds is Boca Juniors, who are heavyweights in Argentina and are the reigning winners of the Primera Division. The six-time Libertadores champions are aiming to win the South American championship for the first time since 2007 and become world champions in the process. 

The Xeneizes would tie Independiente for the most-ever Copa Libertadores championships if they were able to win it one more time, which would bring their total to seven. Boca Juniors has what is considered to be one of the most talented youth academies anywhere in the world, and its first squad is loaded with exciting young players. The more experience they get, the better they will get, and with the recent success of winning a league title under their belts, they should be targeting a deep run in this iteration of the Libertadores tournament.

Here are the latest odds from Free Betting Reviews partners on upcoming matches of the second round of Copa Libertadores.

  • Curico Unido – Cerro Porteno (22nd of February): W1-2.95, X-3.15, W2-2.35.
  • Carabobo FC – Atlético Mineiro MG (23rd of February): W1-5.80, X-3.75, W2-1.56. 
  • Atletico Mineiro – Carabobo (23rd of February): W1-1.56, X-3.82, W2-6.00.

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In conclusion, the 2023 Copa Libertadores is a premier club football tournament in South America with a rich history. 19 teams will compete with Brazil’s Serie A teams as favorites, but any team could win. To get the best odds and expert analysis for your bets, head over to Free Betting Reviews. With top betting sites, in-depth information on teams and players, you can make informed decisions and potentially win big. Enhance your betting game now, visit Free Betting Reviews.

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