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Expanding the Spread Betting Multiverse

There are always two sides to a story. This also holds true with spread betting, which has gone a long way that it expanded at a giant universe, or say, a multiverse, through several sports betting websites that are accessible anywhere from a local bar to even a remote town that barely has enough Internet access for bettors to stake their money on the games they love.

Published on 29 Dec 2021

There are always two sides to a story. This also holds true with spread betting, which has gone a long way that it expanded at a giant universe, or say, a multiverse, through several sports betting websites that are accessible anywhere from a local bar to even a remote town that barely has enough Internet access for bettors to stake their money on the games they love.

As the availability of point spread betting has grown virtually, so are the many options bettors can use to raise their chances of winning in so many ways. The odds of winning in spread betting vary not only with the sport and leagues you are betting but also how you know the sport, the teams and trends surrounding the competition.

Sure, sportsbooks will guide bettors how much a point spread will possibly serve as keys to winning big money. They can only help you as much but ultimately, it is yours to decide your fate in winning or losing.


At the time social media serves as a powerful tool to spread information around the world, gone are the times that bettors have to go straight to the casino to place their bets without even thinking properly about the choices they make due to the long travel time and the stress of going back home.

How expanded is the spread betting multiverse? Everything can be accessed by a click of your fingers, from your desktop PCs to laptops and even to smartphones on some sites. Placing bets has been more accessible than ever; it gives bettors no excuses to miss out on their favorite teams or the crucial games that merits their full attention after a full working day.

Can spread betting further expand to a bigger universe (or yes, a multiverse like in a popular superhero movie)? Bettors have seen how the sportsbook breaks down all aspects of the game at every sport from a quarter to a half to another quarter (in basketball) and per half (football) and even player-related bets. Sports betting websites continue to lure more potential bettors with increasing bonuses and risk-free bets for starters and this trend will further continue.

Point spread betting can only go higher, thanks to more exciting teams and players in every sport and an expanding creativity by sportsbooks that can provide unlimited potential. The world is indeed catching up, and sports betting lines can only spread everywhere from Internet cafes to the smallest store in a remote town of a province.

Change is good in everything we do. It’s just a matter of embracing these changes and properly adapting to the times but being responsible for the (points spread) choices that we make.


Point spreads may be different depending on any sport, but some of the basic aspects remain. In football, bettors look out not just which team will win and by what margin, but also how the match can go based on the two teams performance the past few matches.

For example, take the case of a match between Manchester United against Tottenham. The sporting line says United will win featuring two to three goals as Tottenham has proven to be a defensive team by limiting opponents to less than two goals at the time the match will be played. If bettors believe the two teams will end up in a low-scoring match, they will sell at the lower end of the spread to raise their chances.

A high-scoring match, however, will urge bettors to buy at the upper end of the spread.
Things would be different in a possible high-scoring, entertaining matchup like, for example, Arsenal and Manchester City.

A bettor gets to earn GBP12 in profit should the match end up tied at 2-2.High-scoring games are usually the case in basketball, particularly the NBA, so point spreads may vary from six to eight points to as much as 10 to 20 points. But there are also some defensive-minded teams that, when ranged against a high-scoring team, can drag the match into a low-scoring match that could be different from the lines posed by sportsbooks days before the match.

But what do sports bettors get in point spread betting aside from the chance to win and get a higher payout? For the die-hard non-bandwagon hoops fan, it’s the glory of sticking to their favorite team win or lose and still have a chance to win if they get the right point spread against their team’s opponent.

Say, an NBA matchup between a defensive-minded team in the San Antonio Spurs back in the Tim Duncan era of the 2000s against the high-scoring Golden State Warriors that featured Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant in the mid-2010s provide contrasting fates based on their playing styles.

Bettors then look back at the last five to 10 games of both teams, and say the Spurs are winning by holding down teams to 97.5 points per game. But the Warriors were 4-1 in their last five games by scoring 121 points per game and outgunning their opponents by 10 to 15 points. So how do you bet on this game?

If both teams are on winning streaks, the sportsbook will still pick a favorite and a point spread for bettors to choose. The hunch may come into play here, as the decision is still yours to make, but try to look carefully if you believe the Spurs will win by five points or less or the Warriors emerge victorious by 10 to 15 points.

The thrill of betting on point spreads? You can still bet on an underdog like the Spurs and they lose but you still win your bet.


The risk of betting on point spreads will also be how fast the complexion of the match differs throughout the course of the contest. A slow start in soccer may doom bettors to a low-scoring match that might end up in a scoreless draw, only to see a sudden momentum change late in the second half or the final minutes of the game that sees a team like Man United outscore Man City, 5-1 despite their last five matches seeing them limit their opponents to get victories.

For low-scoring sports like soccer, bettors are urged to adjust their bet amounts accordingly while making adjustments to high-scoring sports like basketball, rugby and cricket. There are some bettors who bet on impulse and their faith on their favorite team that they spend larger amounts for them winning by a huge margin.

A word of advice: Know the sports, your team, the opposing teams and their recent performances before plunging on high stake bets. New bettors in a particular sport can start with smaller amounts before slowly taking it to a whole new level and make large bets once they learn the ropes of the sport.Another exciting feature for point spreads betting? Bettors need to watch until the end of the game – a lopsided result of a close one – to determine if they won or not.


For basketball, the NBA in particular, the point spread market has already expanded not just for the final result but from the first quarter to halftime and the third quarter to prop bets involving one player against the other during the playoffs. Newcomers into point spread betting will not be out of the dark as most sports betting sites offer tips and information on spread betting and near-accurate betting odds to guide them before placing their money on a certain spread.

Sportsbooks in most sports, not just in basketball, now offer live scenarios and futures game days for bettors to analyze and consider, as well as alternate spreads and variations for battles among players, for example. Risk-free bets for new bettors to as much as USD2,500 are now offered in these sportsbooks to give them more confidence to stake their money early into their sports betting journey.

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