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NBA Top Matches Overview, Detailed Predictions and Odds

See a rundown of the best NBA matches, along with picks and odds.

Published on 16 Feb 2023

The NBA and sportsbooks were shocked by two big trades involving Kyrie Irving and Kevin, but they weren’t the only big trades that happened before the trade deadline this season. Here you will find an overview of the best matchups in the NBA, as well as thorough forecasts and odds.

What are Candidates to Win the NBA Championship?

In light of the following odds, experts from Free Betting Reviews believe that it is reasonable to expect that more than one team has a shot at claiming the primary prize.

  • Boston Celtics (+280 to +350)/(3.80 to 4.50)

After being the clear favorite for most of the summer, the Boston Celtics got out to the hottest start in the NBA and haven’t really looked back much in the months since then. Since Joe Mazzulla took over as head coach, the Celtics’ offense has gotten better, and Jayson Tatum has shown that he can compete with the odds-on favorites for the MVP award. Both of these developments took place under Mazzulla’s watch.

Then, after getting out to a strong start of 25-10, the Celtics went just 5-5 over their next 10 games, with cracks possibly starting to appear after what may have been an unsustainably hot shooting start to the season. Even though they have continued to have trouble, especially against the Magic, Boston has kept its spot as the NBA team with the best record and net rating. This demonstrates their ability to remain competitive despite suffering a number of injuries recently.

  • Phoenix Suns (+425 to +460)/ (5.25 to 5.60)

The Phoenix Suns’ season hasn’t exactly gone according to plan up until this point, but they were able to fulfill some disrupted off-season goals at the ideal time.

The Phoenix Suns’ patience paid off when they got Kevin Durant’s basketball rights, which made them very happy. The Suns waited out both Jae Crowder and the Brooklyn Nets, and as a result, they are now the proud new owners of Kevin Durant’s basketball rights.

The Phoenix Suns were able to get Kevin Durant for a fair price, especially when compared to what they already had. They now have the chance to pair him with Devin Booker, which is widely thought to be the most dangerous one-on-one scoring duo in the NBA.

This is one heck of a midseason pick-me-up for a club that was on top of the Western Conference not too long ago, and health will clearly be of the utmost importance for the Suns, and based on the previous few seasons, it’s not assured that any of their three players will remain healthy.

  • Milwaukee Bucks (+400 to +600)/(5.00 to 7.00)

The Milwaukee Bucks have had a shaky start to the season, but they have won their last eight games in a row and are now only 1.5 games behind the Boston Celtics for first place in the Eastern Conference.

Jrue Holiday has had trouble with a pulled hamstring, and Khris Middleton’s stiff right knee has caused him to lose more time. Injuries have played a significant role in the first portion of the Bucks’ season due to the fact that both players continue to miss time. Even though Giannis Antetokounmpo has been on the bench as of late as well, the Bucks finished 9-1 when he was active in the month of January. In the spring, if Milwaukee’s Big 3 is in good shape, the Bucks will be among the most feared teams in the league. This will be the case regardless of how the playoff bracket is set up.

The Odds of the Phoenix Suns After the Trade for Kevin Durant

The trade for Kevin Durant gave the Suns a big boost in their chances of winning the championship at a time when those chances had been going down over the course of the season.

In the weeks leading up to the trade season, Phoenix’s title stock had fallen due to injuries and CP3’s slump, landing in the +1,4-1,600 (15.00 – 17.00) range at most books. The team had initially begun as one of the favorites in the region of +/- 700 (8.00/1.14), but it had since seen its stock slide.

The move of Durant caused their prices to go up right away, and they are now the second choice at most sportsbooks, after the Celtics. This has elevated the Suns to the position of being the new consensus favorite team in the Western Conference.

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NBA Title Odds May Change After Celtics Trade

In recent years, the Boston Celtics have made a lot of noise at the NBA trade deadline. In 2022, they acquired Derrick White from the San Antonio Spurs and Evan Fournier from the Orlando Magic. Since they are currently $25.5 million over the luxury tax threshold, it will be tough for Boston to make a major move this season.

The Celtics probably won’t make a huge impact, but they could try to strengthen a weak spot. Given that Robert Williams has been hurt before and Al Horford is 36, it makes sense that Boston would want to add a big man. It would be beneficial to get another wing player who could rotate in behind Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

Does anyone know how much Boston’s chances of winning the NBA Finals would improve if they acquired Kelly Olynyk from the Utah Jazz? Boston is known for its strong top-eight rotation, so it could slightly improve its chances. Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart are postseason veterans who will determine how far the Celtics go.

The 2022–2023 NBA season will wrap up on April 9, 2023, marking the 77th year of the league’s existence. A lot of interesting things are happening, and the best matchups are thrilling. The best bookmakers you’ll ever need are right here, so bet immediately on your favorite using those odds and predictions.

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