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Half-Time Full-Time Betting World Cup: What You Should Know?

Guaranteed Winning Strategies for Half-Time Full-Time World Cup Betting

Published on 08 Dec 2022

What Is Halftime Or Full-time Betting?


Half-time, full-time betting is a way to bet on football matches, and it involves betting on the match’s outcome at halftime and then again in the second half.

For example, Let’s take the game between Spain and Japan which marked the final game in their Group stage. If you had bet Japan to win the first half, and then to be eventual winners, you would have lost the bet as Spain won the first half.

In another case, betting Japan to win the game at Full time and lose it at half time will be a massive win for you as they completed a huge comeback in the second half to win the game two goals to one.

A common mistake made by many people who are new to this type of betting is that they tend to back the team which appears stronger to win either halves or at full-time. The way to go about it is to study the teams involve and know which of the halves they tend to perform better.

Lack of Proper research could lead to bettor losing money because they need to pay more attention when it comes down to choosing which team to back and know when they perform better.


How Do Halftime And Full-time Work?


Betting on halftime or full-time is simple. If the team you backed wins the opening frame, they must also win the game to cover your bet. Conversely, if they lose the first half, they must also lose the game for you to win. A draw means neither side covered their bet.

This can be confusing when betting on underdogs who are expected to play well but get off to a bad start and eventually recover (or vice versa).


What Are The Benefits Of Halftime And Full-time Betting?


If you’re a fan of both football and gambling, then you must have come across the term halftime full-time betting.

The term is used to describe a kind of football betting in which punters can place their bets on both teams at the end of the first half of the match and the end of the second half (full-time).

This type of wager has recently become extremely popular due to its high payouts and an additional chance to win money by making correct predictions on each half separately.


Examples Of Half-time / Full-time betting At The World Cup


Let’s imagine you put a wager on X/X on Germany’s game against Spain at the 2022 World Cup, meaning both halves will end in a draw. Since your game ended in a goalless draw at the break, the first condition of your wager has been met, and the result is set in stone. The second condition was also met although Spain scored first, Germany replied in due time to end the match in a draw. Instead of betting a full-time draw, half-time/full-time draw has earned the bettor more.

You are not required to bet on the same team to win at halftime and at the end of the game as a bettor. Using the three betting outcomes that are available for each of the halves, here are some additional possible outcomes.

1/1 – Home Half Time/Home Full Time: The match must be in favor of your home team both at halftime and at the end of the game.

X/X – Draw Half Time/Draw Full Time: Requires a tie at both the halftime and the final minutes of play. The result of the game must be a draw.

X/1 – Draw Half Time/Home Full Time: The game must conclude in a draw at halftime and a win for the home team at the conclusion.

X/2 – Draw Half Time/Away Full Time: The game must be a draw in the first half and away team must win at the end of full time

1/X – Home Half Time/Draw Full Time: Home team must win first half and the game must end in a draw to win the bet

2/X – Away Half Time/Draw Full Time: Away team must win first half and the game must end in a draw to win the bet

2/1 – Away Half Time/Home Full Time: The home team will win the entire game and the visiting team will lead at halftime.

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Advice On Betting Half-time/Full-time World Cup Games


When the stakes are high and the intensity is great, first half ties are extremely typical. For instance, it occurs frequently during the World Cup. This has been the case in the 2022 FIFA World Cup which has seen quite a number of half time draws. Opponents are not eager to open up and take chances. They spend a lot of time analyzing one another before delaying the turning point until the very end of the game. So Bet more on half time draws.

Statistics have a direct impact on the result. You should pay closer attention to the “Favorite Win / Draw” betting choice if the underdog is anticipated to be more active towards the end of the game and a favorite likes to relax after scoring one or two goals.


What Are The Drawbacks Of Halftime And Full-time Betting?


it is extremely difficult to predict the accurate outcome. To guess the result of the first half is even more tricky than to predict the outcome of the whole competition. Even the obvious favorite may save up the strength in the first half, and achieve the desired result only in the second half.

You can make money from betting on World Cup Games, but you must ensure you understand the rules of halftime and full-time betting and the different types of bets available. You need to understand how it works before you start placing your bets. It’s only for some, but you should consider the benefits and drawbacks of halftime and full-time betting before getting started with this market as well.

As you can see, placing a wager on football at halftime or at the conclusion of a game may be highly lucrative. We hope this post has helped clarify some of these doubts you had about placing these types of bets on World Cup games.

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