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How Do Bettors Win The Grand Salami In Hockey, Baseball

Placing money for betting has evolved beyond sports events or tournaments the past few years. The imagination of bettors has grown to non-sports events that generated huge interest for their market to place money on, and sportsbooks simply took advantage that it has established a strong market separate from the traditional sports tournaments.

Published on 11 May 2022

The concept of a Grand Salami often leads to a delicious sandwich at a local deli, while its definition in sports betting may be just as enticing to adventurous bettors.

The total, or over/under bet, where bettors determine or predict the entire combined scores of every team in every game instead of determining the total of a single game is called the Grand Salami in sports betting.

This special kind of prop bet is offered for bettors in the National Hockey League (NHL) and Major League Baseball (MLB).


When a punter bets on the total number of goals that will be scored on any particular evening in the NHL is also called Grand Salami.

For example, a triple-header NHL schedule in one night that involves Vancouver vs Minnesota, Chicago vs Anaheim, and Montreal vs Toronto will offer bettors low-scoring matches for the first two matchups while the last pairing has potential for more goals.

Let’s say the “Grand Salami” for the evening is at 16 goals. A bettor might take the under if the three games will all be defensive matches in nature. But if the bettor thinks there will be some goals scored, he might want to take the over.

The results will see Minnesota winning over Vancouver, 4-2, Montreal drubbing Toronto, 5-3; and Chicago edging Anaheim, 2-1. This means, there are 17 total goals for the night, which means the “over” on the Grand Salami would lead to a pay out.


Let’s feature six random matches MLB matches with its over/unders, for example.

* Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox 8.0

* Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox 8.5

* Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels 7.5

* Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves 8.0

* Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals 8.0

* San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies 9.5

The total for the six games will result in 49.5 but oddsmakers say winds may be a factor at Coors field between the Padres against the Rockies.  This means that they raise the total to 54.5 for the slate, resulting in the odds as:

* Over 54.5 (-110)

* Under 54.5 (-110)

The Grand Salami in this schedule will see bettors getting the range of +100 to -120 but this depends on market action.

If the bettor picks the over just like the regular totals bet. he predicts that more than 126.5 runs will be scored on the slate as a whole.


Bettors should not just look for numbers if they want to succeed in winning the “Grand Salami.” Other non-statistical factors also come into play.

The weather conditions for outdoor matches in the MLB often play a factor, whether teams are used to playing in warmer or colder climates. Then there’s the long grind of traveling, if the players can manage their energy in a compressed schedule, then there are the starting pitchers and bullpens punters have to monitor hours before the game.

A physical contact sport like the NHL makes extra days of rest key to re-energize some players, the goalies’ performance should also be monitored, while the recent play of teams where they scored goals in bunches or struggled on offense should also be considered.


Just like prop bets, bettors should never hesitate to pass up on the Grand Salami if the slate of games offers a lot of question marks to protect their bankroll.

It does not hurt if bettors consult the bookmaker they will be playing on for the distinct ins and outs of a massive slate of games.

If a bettor wants to boost his overall handicapping skills, he should apply these handicapping talents for a Grand Salami bet while considering many different variables on top of each individual game. Taking this route will improve a bettor’s overall knowledge in the long run.

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