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How to gamble in CSGO

Unlocking CS:GO betting: How to bet on CS:GO matches, skin, and live betting

Diving into CS:GO betting: Understanding match, skin, and live betting strategies.

Published on 03 Nov 2023

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Do you want to bet on CS:GO? We will provide you with all the information you need in this article before you begin your journey into CSGO betting. Here you can read about the variety of betting markets, betting basics, and much more. Stay tuned because we are going to reveal all the best betting tips to make sure you are fully prepared for your first bet on CS:GO matches.

What is CS:GO?

CS:GO, better known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is a 5v5 tactical shooter game created by Valve. This is the most loved eSports game by many. The competitive nature of Counter-Strike makes it an ideal eSports game for large events. But first of all, you need to understand that the best CS:GO betting sites offer two betting options: pre-match (before the match starts) and live. In other words, let’s look at two key areas of betting in CS:GO, each of which has its pros and cons. Of course, we will not do without specific examples that will help you better understand the essence and differences between pre-match and live bets.

Betting on CS:GO matches: Pre-match

Bets on CS:GO placed before the start of the match are called pre-match. From the moment a match appears in the bookmaker’s line until the start of the match, such events are classified as pre-match. By collecting data from sources such as HLTV or Liquipedia, CSGO gambling sites create a line, days or even weeks before matches begin. Up until the start of the event, odds may vary depending on the number of bets placed. However, in general, the dynamics of pre-match odds are minimal, since bookmakers collect quotes from trusted sources, including their margin in the final odds. Thus, an extensive pre-match line is formed.

How to bet on pre-match in CS:GO?

  • Use analytics: You must understand why you should not bet on G2 Esports to win the match with MIBR with odds of 1.05;
  • Working with statistics: Study the information before the start of the match to predict possible cards, take into account possible changes in the composition and other factors influencing the result;
  • Assess the chances of an event: Based on the factors that have the greatest weight, and also take into account objective facts when determining the winner/choosing the correct outcome.

Betting on CS:GO matches in real-time

Bets placed during a match are called live bets. In this case, the player monitors the progress of the event live and, taking into account the factors, anticipates a change in one direction or another.

  • Live betting allows you to reduce the risks associated with inaccurate information received before the start of the match. For example, a player cannot accurately predict in advance which cards will be played in a match. In addition, forced substitutions occur in CS:GO matches, which become known shortly before the start of the match. An example is the game between Outsiders and OG at the tournament in Katowice. flameZ, an OG player, fell ill before the match and was forced to sit out the game, which was announced an hour before it started. Thus, the odds changed in favor of Outsiders, which was the underdog of the meeting before the changes.
  • The main difference between live betting is the high volatility of the odds. In other words, the odds change with each round as bookmakers assess the teams’ chances of winning in real-time. However, this also has its advantages, since, knowing the map and the choice of sides, you can predict a possible return. For example, if a team starts an attack on Nuke and ends the half with six rounds, then there is a high probability of having time to make a comeback and catch good odds on changing sides.
  • In addition, in live betting, everything happens literally before your eyes. Unlike pre-match betting, you don’t have to worry about the starting lineups, tactics, and strategy of your opponents. You just need to interpret it correctly.

How to place bets in real-time

  • React quickly to changes. It is necessary to instantly react to changes in odds, taking into account what is happening on the server, and predict the future trend.
  • Consider knowledge of the specifics of the map (including strengths and weaknesses, as well as statistics in attack and defense). Using existing knowledge, you can successfully predict changes in the situation on the map and in the match.

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Advantages of pre-match betting

As we already know, bookmakers form the line in advance. This is the main advantage of the pre-match since we can take into account the schedule of CS:GO matches in advance and build an analysis in advance.

Main advantages of prematch:

  • Wide selection of matches;
  • Variable painting;
  • Slight dynamics of odds;
  • No restrictions.

Benefits of live betting

In this case, the bettor receives another advantage – real-time information. Thus, we can evaluate the preparation of both teams and estimate possible scenarios for the development of events.

The main advantages of live betting:

  • The ability to evaluate the shape of the match participants;
  • A wide choice to use different strategies.

Disadvantages of pre-match and live betting

Despite the advantages, both options have their disadvantages, which simultaneously arise from the advantages.

  • First of all, pre-match betting does not allow you to get a complete picture of the event and conduct an accurate analysis. This is due to the fact that a few minutes before the start of the match, a lot can change: a player gets sick, the Internet goes out, etc.
  • Secondly, live sports betting sites require a timely response from the player. In this case, there is strong volatility in the odds. In the truest sense of the word, the numbers change not only with each round played but also with the perfect kill. If we are talking about BO1, then you need to act immediately.

Thus, betting in pre-match and live have their distinctive features. In addition, both options have both advantages and disadvantages. However, it all comes down to what information the bettor himself has. Prepared fans can quickly respond to changes and place winning bets on CS: GO matches. Therefore, the general conclusion is this: live bets are suitable for experienced players, and pre-match allows you to carefully study the teams and make the right choice, taking into account all possible risks.

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