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How to bet on Fortnite: beginner’s guide

Elevate your Fortnite gaming passion to the next level with our expert tips and strategies for beginners.

Published on 19 Jan 2024

Table of Contents:

If you’re new to Fortnite betting and want to add some excitement to your gaming passion, this beginner’s guide is for you. Fortnite is a hugely popular game, and betting on it can be a thrilling experience. This guide breaks down the basics of how to bet on Fortnite, explains important terms, and gives you useful tips to make smart choices. Whether you’re a long-time Fortnite fan or just starting out in the gaming world, this guide is your ticket to understanding and enjoying betting on competitive Fortnite matches.

What is Fortnite betting?

Launched in 2017, Fortnite quickly became the most popular game worldwide. It was watched and played by many. Now, Fortnite has introduced betting markets, which are growing fast.

However, Fortnite betting is not as popular as other big games like CSGO, Dota 2, or LoL. The reason is that the Battle Royale genre, to which Fortnite belongs, is still finding its place in the gaming industry. Battle Royales don’t ensure a fair game for every player because things like weapon locations are left to chance. Some players might start with better weapons if they land in a lucky spot.

Another reason is that even the most skilled players can face challenges in a battle royale. They could be targeted from far away, and there’s little they can do about it. This uncertainty makes it difficult for even skilled players to always succeed.

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Fortnite gameplay explained

Fortnite is not your typical Battle Royale game, setting itself apart in various ways.

Here’s how it works:

  • 100 players start on an island, arriving on a bus that serves as the map.
  • Players jump out of the bus to land at their chosen spot and gather resources, materials, and weapons.
  • The goal is to be the last player or team standing by fighting against everyone else on the map.
  • A unique feature allows players to build custom structures for offense or defense, giving skilled builders a significant advantage.
  • Throughout the map, you’ll find small and large blue bottles that provide shields.
  • The playable area shrinks over time, thanks to an event called Storm’s Eye, keeping players active and preventing them from hiding.
  • The last surviving player or team wins the game.

Fortnite’s gameplay evolves weekly with updates from Epic Games, introducing new weapons and strategies. Different modes, such as Solos, Duos, Squads, and Team Rumble, offer diverse experiences for players. In solo mode, it’s every player for themselves, while duos and squads allow teaming up for added fun. Team Rumble pits two teams of 20 against each other, with the first to score 125 kills winning the match.

How to bet on Fortnite?

For those who are new to Fortnite betting, understanding the process may seem overwhelming. This guide simplifies the steps to help newcomers participate responsibly and enjoy the excitement of esports betting.

  • Legal check. Before starting esports betting, check the legal status in your region. Ensure that online betting is allowed where you live, as regulations can vary.
  • Choosing a platform. There are various online platforms for esports betting, from traditional sportsbooks to specialized esports sites. Selecting a reputable platform is crucial for a safe and enjoyable betting experience.
  • Account creation. To begin, create an account on the chosen betting platform. This typically involves providing personal information and verifying identity.
  • Deposit funds. After account creation, deposit funds into the betting account. Most platforms accept various payment methods, making it convenient for users to add money.
  • Understanding Fortnite eSports gameplay. Successful betting requires a good understanding of the game’s competitive scene. Learn about teams, players, recent performances, and other relevant information impacting match outcomes.
  • Explore betting markets. Fortnite betting markets include predictions on match and map winners, along with various proposition bets. Exploring these options allows bettors to diversify their wagers.
  • Place bets. After gaining insights and exploring betting markets, users can choose their bets, enter the wager amount, and confirm the bets.
  • Enjoy matches. Watching Fortnite matches adds excitement to the betting experience. Many platforms offer live streaming or updates, allowing bettors to follow the action in real-time.
  • Withdraw winnings. If bets are successful, users can withdraw winnings following the platform’s withdrawal process. Understand withdrawal rules and any associated fees.

Esports betting, particularly on Fortnite, can be an exhilarating experience for fans. By understanding the basics, choosing a reputable platform, and embracing responsible gambling practices, newcomers can dive into the world of Fortnite esports betting with confidence and enjoyment.

Fortnite betting types

Fortnite doesn’t have many big tournaments except for those organized by EPIC Games, like the Fortnite World Cup. This limits the betting options provided by sportsbooks, and they might only be available seasonally. Here are some common Fortnite betting markets:

  1. Match Winner/Moneyline. Bet on the winner of a match. The sportsbook lists competitors, and you predict the winner.
  2. Outright event winner. Bet on the overall winner of a Fortnite event by choosing a player or team.
  3. Over/Under totals. Wager on the total number of kills for a player or team in a match, for example, over or under 4.5 kills.
  4. To finish in the Top 5. Bet on a player or team to finish in the top five places in a Fortnite match. The odds are usually lower than moneyline odds.
  5. Fortnite props. Some sportsbooks offer Fortnite prop bets, allowing you to wager on specific aspects of the game. Examples include:
  • First Kill: Bet on the player who gets the first kill.
  • Most Kills: Bet on the player with the most kills in the game.
  • Top 3 Finishers: Predict the top 3 players left before the finals.
  • Solos: Choose the last player standing in solo competition against 100 players.
  • Duos: Predict the last team standing against 50 other teams.

Fortnite live betting strategy

Many punters turn to live betting, the second type of esports betting, available on top esports betting sites. Live betting involves placing bets on an ongoing game or match, offering a dynamic and risky experience. It’s not recommended for beginners due to its high risk and the need for quick decisions without much time for research. Odds can change rapidly during the game, making it both thrilling and challenging.

Fortnite live betting is known for fewer available markets compared to pre-match betting. As the game progresses, the number of markets decreases, adding to the unpredictability. Unlike pre-match betting, live betting in Fortnite requires a go-with-the-flow approach, as strategies are limited. To effectively participate, live streaming the match becomes essential, allowing bettors to watch and make informed decisions in real time. Opt for betting platforms that offer live streaming to enhance your experience.

Top Fortnite betting sites

Security and reliability are paramount considerations for players exploring Fortnite betting sites. The leading platforms in this niche prioritize transparency, ensuring fair play and secure transactions. They implement robust measures to protect user data and financial information, fostering a trustworthy environment for the growing community of Fortnite bettors who want to elevate their gaming experience through the thrill of betting. Explore our list of best bookmakers to bet on Fortnite.

  • 22BET
  • GGBet
  • 1XBET
  • Betway
  • Stake
  • betObet

As esports continues to gain mainstream recognition, top Fortnite betting sites are likely to play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between traditional sports betting and the dynamic world of online gaming, providing a unique avenue for fans to engage with their favorite title in a new and exciting way.

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