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A guide to the Labouchère betting system

Change your betting game with the Labouchere sports betting strategy

Published on 05 Jun 2023

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Numerous tactics and strategies are available in the realm of sports betting to increase your chances of success. The Labouchère method, commonly referred to as the cancellation betting system or split martingale, is one well-liked strategy. This strategy offers a systematic way to manage your bets and create profit targets. In this article, we will go into the Labouchère betting method, looking at its fundamentals, application, and potential advantages and disadvantages in the world of sports betting.

What is Labouchère sports betting system?

The Labouchere strategy sometimes called the cancellation system or split martingale, is a gambling strategy used to try to make money from sports betting. As a negative progression system, the Labouchere system increases bets after losses rather than victories. This system’s main objectives are to make a predetermined profit target and recoup losses.

Labouchère strategy how to use it in gambling

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how the Labouchere gambling strategy is employed.

  • Establish your profit goal: Choose the profit margin you want to achieve throughout your betting session. Any desired amount may be used for this.
  • Make a sequence of numbers that adds up to your desired profit, and use it as your betting sequence. The numbers can be chosen randomly, and the sequence can be any length. If your profit target is $100, you might come up with a sequence like 10-20-30-40.
  • Calculate your bet size by adding the first and last numbers in your sequence to arrive at your bet size. The wager size would be $10 + $40, or $50, in the example sequence (10-20-30-40).
  • Place your bets: The Labouchere approach only works with bets that pay even money, such as wagers on the result of a sporting event where the chances are about 50/50 (such as a coin flip). Whether you use it for sports betting or other wagers, the idea is the same.
  • Bets that succeed and fail: Cross off the first and last numbers in your sequence if your wager succeeds. By removing 10 and 40 from the sample sequence, you would be left with 20-30. The amount you just bet is added to the end of the sequence if your wager is unsuccessful.
  • Changing the bet amount: You recalculate the bet size after each victory using the new beginning and last numbers in your sequence. When all the numbers in your sequence are crossed out, you have won. You keep doing this until you do.

Example of Labouchère betting system

Here we will look at how Labouchere betting strategy is used in betting on football games. Consider that your target profit for this betting session is $100 and that FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will play in the La Liga El Clasico.

  • Make your betting sequence. For example, if your profit target is $10, your sequence should be 1-2-3-4.
  • Determine your wager: $1 + $4 = $5.
  • Bet One: Place $5 on an even outcome with Under 1.5 goals scored. Assumed to be True
  • Returns, including stake, equal $10.
  • Bet Two: Assuming the wager wins, the stake is 2+3= $5, and it will be placed on another actual outcome, this time around, on Both Teams To Score in another game; let’s say there’s a game between Espanyol and Leganes in the same weekend. We assume this bet wins as well.
  • Returns, including stake, equal $10.

Now this Labouchere betting sequence is over, here’s the rundown;

  • Total Stake: $10
  • Total revenue generated: $20
  • Profit in total: $10

Labouchere betting system progression in case of losses

If your goal is to earn a $10 profit, the Labouchere system will proceed as follows when you suffer losses:

The same example sequence will be used: 1-2-3-4.

  • Bet 1: You place a $5 wager and lose.

You add the $5 you staked to the end of the sequence because you lost the wager:

The new order is 1-2-3-4-5.

  • Bet 2: You wager $6 (adding the first and last numbers of the new sequence), but you lose once more.

Again, you finish the process by adding the $6 you bet:

The revised order is 1-2-3-4-5-6.

  • Bet 3: You wager $7 by adding the first and last numbers, but you lose again.

Add your wager ($7) at the end of the sequence as follows:

The revised order is 1-2-3-4-5-6-7.

  • Bet 4: You win after placing an $8 wager (by adding the first and last numbers).

You cross off the first and last numbers in the sequence because you won the wager:

The new order is 2-3-4-5-6. You keep going until you reach your expected profit and end the chain.

Remember that the Labouchère approach seeks to eliminate numbers from the sequence to help you attain your profit target. While longer sequences and larger bet amounts can follow successive losses, it’s essential to consider your bankroll and betting limitations to ensure you can maintain the progression.

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Pros and cons of the Labouchere betting system


A structured approach can help gamblers maintain organization and self-discipline by setting a goal for profit.

Flexibility: Players can modify their betting sequence using the technique depending on their risk tolerance and intended reward.

Consistent winning potential: If the Labouchere approach is applied correctly, it can provide profits regularly.


Loss potential: A string of losses lengthens the sequence and necessitates greater wagers to make up the losses. If not handled appropriately, this could result in bankruptcy.

Players may grow anxious and frustrated as the sequence lengthens, which might affect their judgment and cause them to make poor choices that result in further losses.

Limited effectiveness: It is predicated on the premise that there is an endless bankroll and no betting restrictions. Players may have little financial resources.

Ultimately, sports betting success necessitates a thorough strategy that includes proper research, odds analysis, sports knowledge, and strict money management. The Labouchère system may be a fascinating choice, but it should be used cautiously and in conjunction with other betting techniques to improve one’s overall betting experience.

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