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Top 10 Best Sports to Bet on Today

With sports betting slowly expanding and developing over time, the question of what sports is best to bet on has also become increasingly harder to answer. The global expansion of sports betting has brought about a wide catalog of sports that bettors could pick from.

Published on 27 Jul 2022

Now that you’re all set, you have registered your account on one of the hottest bookmakers in the market and you’ve already deposited your hard-earned money to splurge on wagers, but you then come across one of the hardest questions that neither casuals nor avid bettors has a perfect answer for —”Where should I bet on sports?”

Where should I bet on sports?

With sports betting slowly expanding and developing over time, the question of what sports is best to bet on has also become increasingly harder to answer. The global expansion of sports betting has brought about a wide catalog of sports that bettors could pick from. Having that said, here is our top ten list of the best sports to bet on.

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1. Soccer

Being the biggest sport in the world, towering over the likes of basketball and American football, it is only natural to have Soccer as one of the best sports to bet on. The global recognition and popularity of the sports has made it a primary target of bookmakers in their promotions and betting offers. Soccer has quite the interesting market in terms of betting offers, primarily thanks to the promos strategized by bookmakers and the innate nature of the sport itself. PROS 

  • Extensive market offers
  • Quick and Competitive odds and lines
  • One of the most popular sports to bet on


  • Overwhelming betting markets

2. American Football

No, not Soccer, but the other Football sport with leagues like the NFL, USFL, XFL, amongst others. Football fosters one of the biggest, if not the biggest sports betting market there is in America, making its availability widespread in the country. Being one of the biggest markets, the odds offered by bookmakers in this sport are extremely competitive, as much as its betting lines are. Another big upside of Football is that bettors are more likely to encounter promos from their bookmakers that centers around the sport, viz a viz, more chances to earn free money. PROS 

  • Unique betting markets
  • Competitive odds and lines
  • One of the most popular sports to bet on


  • Has yet to expand to multiple Asian and European countries

3. Horse Racing

Even casual bettors know that Horse Racing has one of the biggest sports betting markets in the world. Similar to other big betting sports, Horse Racing’s popularity has made it a fan-favorite for sports bettors to wager on. With specific promos centering around the types of races and horses, bettors have never been more strategic and ecstatic than ever, coupled with great odds and live streaming availability.
Compared to the other sports in this list, Horse racing will always feel like the essence of what sports betting truly is, it is sports betting in its purest form. PROS 

  • Availability of live streaming
  • Interesting betting market
  • Promos centering around the sport


  • Exhaustive studying is required when wagering

4. Tennis

Even though Tennis may relatively not be as popular and followed by sports fans globally, it still offers one of the biggest betting markets in the world. With the ever dramatic storylines, animated games, and its unique, straightforward betting market, Tennis stands as one of the best sports markets to bet on. The live streaming of the sport offered by bookmakers also greatly contributes to the favorability that Tennis garners from sports bettors. PROS 

  • Straightforward betting market
  • Great Promotion offers
  • Availability of action-packed livestreams


  • Relatively unpopular sport


5. Boxing

Boxing events and cards only come every once in a while, but when it does, sports bettors all around the world can’t help but rejoice. As straightforward of a betting market as it may seem, Boxing offers more than just that with unique and interesting rulesets, as the sport itself is a big money-making event. And for every big fight that there is, bookmakers never miss the chance to entice sports bettors with a promo that hits big money. PROS 

  • Huge betting opportunities
  • Unique Market
  • Promotions center around fights


  • Intermittent schedule of fights

6. Fighting (UFC/MMA)

Similar to boxing, UFC/MMA is also a giant in the sports betting market. With promotions and fighting cards announced and guaranteed every year, bookmakers and sports bettors get the chance to make profit from UFC events. The storylines, matchups, and odds that every UFC event brings make it one of the best sports to bet on.

  • Consistent Schedule of fights
  • Promotions centering around the bouts
  • Ludicrous betting market


  • Costly PPV

7. Basketball

Trailing behind Soccer, Basketball is arguably the second biggest sport in the world. Basketball offers virtually everything you want from a sport, a wide betting catalog, great lines and odds, and promotions that benefit bettors depending on how exhaustively they plan their bets and wagers. Basketball bets are the most action-packed, and quickest form of sports betting available in the market.Besides the games, quite similar to other sports, Basketball is also big on the managerial side of betting wherein trades, injury and even player signings are wagered on.PROS 

  • Fast way of sports betting
  • Exciting game, offseason and in-season betting markets
  • Unique betting offers and promotions


  • Non-availability of live streaming

8. Cricket

It wouldn’t be unusual if an average sports fan hasn’t heard of a sport known as “Cricket,” but even for the most casual of sports bettors, not knowing what Cricket is just an unusual case. Cricket is one of the best sports to bet on with its innate nature of requiring sports bettors to be strategic and wise with their bets. The market of Cricket is also overly-creative, which makes the sports betting experience twice as fun, even when it results in a loss.PROS 

  • Unique and interesting market
  • Exciting games
  • Tons of promotions from bookmakers


  • Relatively unpopular

9. Esports

Compared to the other sports in the list, Esports may be the only outlier and anomaly of any sport here. However, do not be fooled as with the advancement of technology, Esports has also slowly been drumming up interest and noise from sports bettors.
Currently, Esports stands as one of the best sports to bet on, opening up sports bettors to a whole-new, different experience of wagering. The overly-extensive catalog of games, competitive odds, and interesting betting markets rightfully earned Esports a spot along with other sports.


  • Extensive betting market in games
  • Availability of live streaming
  •  Expansive market


  • Less competitive odds compared to other sports

10. Golf

Golf’s popularity has been steadily rising as a sport in the past few years, but in the betting scene, it has been long famous. Golf’s offer of multiple betting options and tournaments to wager and pick from makes it one of the best sports to bet on.
The major Golf sporting events also foster promotions from different bookmakers, only furthering the chances of sports bettors to earn extra money.


  • Great Promotion Offers
  • Offers odds with higher chances of winning compared to other sports
  • Unique and interesting betting market


  • Unavailability to some countries


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