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Ultimate Guide to Betting on UFC and MMA Fights

The UFC's top fighters and exciting bouts have drawn in many sports bettors who should understand that the American-style betting odds determine their potential winnings.

Published on 08 Apr 2023

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For several reasons, MMA and UFC fights have grown in popularity over the past decade, surpassing boxing matches in terms of viewership and money wagered. Find out how to wager on the UFC, the most well-known mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion in the world.

Understanding UFC Matches

MMA fans can find some of the most exciting bouts in the UFC because the promotion employs the world’s top fighters. Many sports bettors in the United States and elsewhere have taken to wagering on the results of UFC bouts in recent years.

In the betting market for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the odds are bigger or smaller depending on how likely an event is to happen. If you’re new to betting on Mixed Martial Arts, you should know that the odds you take into account will determine how much money you win.

Most UFC fights have betting lines that are written in the American style, where they can be either positive or negative.

  • The amount of money that you would win if you placed a bet of $100 on a particular outcome is referred to as the “positive odds.”
  • The “negative odds” signify the amount of your wager that you must place in order to make a $100 profit when using those odds.

One is a favorite, while the other is an underdog. For instance, if a fighter has odds of +200, it indicates that if you bet $100 on them, you will receive a return of $200. If a fighter has odds of -200, it indicates that you would need to wager an amount equal to $200 to win $100 if you bet on them.

It’s important to remember that MMA odds formats can vary from one sportsbook to the next, except for reputable UFC betting sites, which always offer competitive odds. A good bookmaker, on the other hand, will give you odds in different ways, such as decimal, fractional, American, Hong Kong, Indonesian, and so on.

Popular UFC and MMA Fight Betting Types

If you want to place bets on UFC fights, you need to have an understanding of the various available wagering options. Depending on your MMA betting strategy and personal preferences, different kinds of wagers each come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. The following is a list of some of the most common types of bets placed on UFC events:

  • Moneyline

A money line bet is a straightforward wager in which the player must select the participant they believe will come out on top. The odds for each competitor reflect how likely it is that they will emerge victorious. For example, if Fighter A has odds of -200 and Fighter B has odds of +150, then you know that you need to bet $200 to win $100 on Fighter A, but you can win $150 on Fighter B with just $100 in risk.

  • Method of Victory

You can predict how a combatant will win the fight if you place this kind of bet. A technical knockout (TKO), a knockout (KO), or a decision can decide it. The odds of each strategy change depending on the fighting styles and capabilities of the competitors.

  • Total Rounds

With the total rounds bet, you have the opportunity to wager on the number of rounds that a fight will go on for. The bookmaker will choose a certain number of rounds, usually between 2.5 and 3.5, and it will be up to you to predict whether or not the fight will go over or under that number. For instance, if the number of rounds is predetermined to be 2.5 and the odds are -110 on the under and +175 on the over, then you will need to place a bet of $110 to win $100 if the fight is over in fewer than 2.5 rounds, and you will need to place a bet of $100 to win $175 if it is over in more than 2.5 rounds.

  • Go the Distance

This bet is similar to the total rounds bet, but instead of choosing over or under a set number of rounds, you just choose whether or not the fight will end in a decision. The likelihood that both competitors will survive until the end of the game determines the odds of winning this bet.

  • Fight Props

These are bets that involve particular aspects or events that take place during a fight. For instance, you can place a wager on whether or not there will be a knockdown during a fight, the number of takedowns that will occur during a fight, whether or not there will be an eye poke during a fight, and so on.

  • Winning Round

In this kind of bet, you have to choose the round in which a particular fighter will emerge victorious. The likelihood that the fight will end in a victory in a particular round determines the odds for that round.

However, the best strategy is to find a reliable bookmaker. Free Betting Reviews, together with partner Stake.com, offers not only high odds for UFC fights but also an excellent $2 reload bonus. Play and win with us!

Guide To Betting on UFC and MMA Fights

When it comes to enjoying the sport of mixed martial arts, one activity that can be both entertaining and profitable is the UFC betting system. To make decisions that are intelligent and well-informed, one needs not only some knowledge but also some skill. You need a UFC betting guide to light your way. The following are some UFC betting tips and MMA betting advice for you:

How to Place Wagers on UFC Fights?

  1. Check Out Fighters’ Styles and Track Records.

Do a UFC and MMA fight analysis on the fighters before betting on the match. Find out where they train, who coaches them, what kind of fighting styles they employ, how they are doing recently if they are injured, etc. This will allow you to evaluate how they stack up against one another and how other factors may affect the outcome of the fight.

  1. Look at the MMA Fight Odds and the Pairings.

After learning as much as you can about the fighters, you can compare the odds offered by different UFC betting sites. Find value by betting against or for a fighter when you believe the odds are drastically off. If you believe a boxer has a 60% chance of winning but the MMA betting odds are only +150 (implying a 40% chance), you have a significant advantage over the bookmaker. Moneyline (straight-up winner), over/under (total rounds), prop bets (specific outcomes like a method of victory or round of finish), etc. are just some of the different types of MMA betting lines you should think about.

  1. Take Control of Your Spending and Your Expectations.

As exciting as it may be, UFC and MMA fight picks in betting are not without their dangers. Bet only what you can afford to lose, and stick to a strict betting budget. You should also not chase losses or get too confident after wins; instead, keep a level head and be realistic about your expectations. Don’t forget that even the most successful gamblers with excellent UFC and MMA fight predictions experience losing streaks and that anything can happen in the cage during an MMA match. Betting should be enjoyed for what it is: a diversion, not a means to an end.

Because the UFC is exciting and unpredictable, betting on it is becoming more and more popular. It’s entertaining, and it offers a wide variety of betting options and markets. By now, you should have a good grasp of the various wagering options and odds associated with online wagering on UFC fights. The UFC is a popular promotion for MMA fights and has attracted many sports bettors in recent years. Betting odds for UFC fights are typically in American style and can be either positive or negative. There are several types of UFC bets available, including moneyline, method of victory, total rounds, go the distance, fight props, and winning round. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s essential to understand the various wagering options before placing bets. When betting on UFC fights, it’s important to consider the fighters’ styles, track records, and recent performances before making a decision. Additionally, finding a reliable bookmaker is crucial for placing intelligent and well-informed wagers.

Bets on Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fights are a fun and potentially profitable way to watch mixed martial arts, but you need to know what you’re doing to do it right. Visit Free Betting Reviews to find the best UFC and MMA betting sites. If you want to try your hand at wagering on MMA bouts. Have fun, but never forget to bet responsibly.

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