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World Cup corners betting tips, what the beginners should know?

Corners are an exciting bet but require a certain amount of skill and knowledge.

Published on 09 Dec 2022

Betting On Corners Could Be A Good Strategy For Beginners In The World Cup

Corners betting may be a good strategy for beginners because it is not high-risk and gives some returns. This is a good bet option for World Cup games, which is generally highly unpredictable.

It’s low risk and low variance, which means you will get some profit from this. The main advantage of this type of bet is that it allows you to make money even if your intended favorite team is losing the match.

What Is Betting In The World Cup About?

When the ball crosses the goal line after being touched by a member of the opposing team’s defense, it is known as a corner in football. In corner betting, you either anticipate the number of corners to be taken or the teams to take corners. Here is one example.

You can wager on whether there will be more than or less than a number of corners in a game or whether team A will receive at least three of them and vice versa. Besides, you may predict who gets the game’s first, last, or more corners. The advantage of betting on the market is that the winner of the game, goals, and other winner occurrences do not count in settling the bets.

What To Note When Betting On Corners In The World Cup

You need to understand the strength and weaknesses of the teams involved. This is an essential part of your research. You need to find out how good a team is and compare it with the team you are backing.

Also, a team’s current form is an essential factor to consider when betting on them, but you should also look at past performances to know if they offer goal-scoring threats and if they will mount pressure enough to create some chances to lead to corners.

Style Of Play: Whether One Or Both Teams Are Generally “Defensive” Or “Attacking” Teams

Next, you need to assess whether one or both teams are generally defensive or attacking. If one or both teams are usually defensive, they are likely to defend many corners, and at least the game should see one corner kick given away.

This is because they will not want to attack since they don’t have many good players in their team and, therefore, will want to avoid being exposed to the counterattack.

On the other hand, if one or both teams are generally attacking, they are likely to attack many corners and either score from them through their quality attackers (rare) or give away cheap goals from poor defending (more common).

An example is the South Korea vs Ghana game in the 2022 World Cup. The game saw eighteen corner kicks.

Here’s why: Both teams were vying for qualification and needed their first win of the tournament. Both teams had good defenders and played attacking football; they came out on the attack and defended well on the counter-attack.

The Weather Conditions

Windy conditions will increase the number of corners, making it harder for players to keep possession of the ball. The wind can also affect the direction of kicks, making them more challenging to execute. The Weather in Qatar is warm, so I’d say it does not have quite the influence on the number of corners.

What’s At Stake For The Teams

In the World Cup, where every game is important, you can’t quite predict every game to have the same intensity. An example is a game between Belgium and Croatia that saw Belgium eliminated from the World Cup in the group stage. Croatia knew a draw was enough to secure their qualification, and they just played deep in the back and defended well in that game.

Belgium needed to win to qualify, so it’s understandable why the game saw only a few corners. Croatia stuck to their game plans, frustrated Belgium’s effort, and secured a draw to qualify.

Knowing what’s on stake for both teams helps predict the intensity of the game and your choice of corner betting.

Types Of Corner Bets In The World Cup

Bets on handicapped corner kicks

In a handicap bet, one side is granted an advantage or disadvantage based on a specific number. By several corners, you can disadvantage or offer a side an advantage. Here’s an illustration. You can select Argentina to receive -2.5 corner kicks in a matchup between Sevilla and Juventus. The wager is successful if Argentina gets at least three more corner kicks than Sevilla.

Half Time Corners 

In a total market called “half-time corners,” you guess how many corners will be given in the first half of the match. It uses the two teams’ cumulative totals from the first half. You have two options: either anticipate a specific figure or use the over/under market, where you set the first-half barrier. Compared to the overall corner market, this choice frequently offers better chances.

Total Corners

The total corners market accounts for all the corners awarded throughout a game. You must correctly estimate the number of corners awarded to win the game. This is a risky bet, but it has a maximum return.

Different scenarios determine the number of corners to be seen in a game. Monitoring the performance of each team in the World Cup, their style of play, and what’s at stake for them will guide you in making the right bet for corner bettings.

Corners are an exciting bet but require a certain amount of skill and knowledge. Everything you need to know about corner betting has been addressed in this post. This is a wonderful place to start if you’re just getting started.

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