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Bet smarter with the Yankee betting system

All you need to know about maximizing your returns on bets by using the Yankee Betting System

Published on 23 May 2023

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Sports betting has long been thrilling, combining the excitement of competition with the opportunity to place calculated bets. Finding efficient methods to increase your chances of winning is crucial, whether you are an experienced gambler or just getting started. The Yankee Betting System is a tactic that has garnered favor among new and seasoned betting enthusiasts. Using this technique, you can optimize your potential profits while taking your sports gambling to new heights by employing several bets. The Yankee Betting System is a betting system that offers a structured approach to wagering on sports. This is why this guide will delve into the intricacies of this betting system.

Yankee betting explained

Here we will break it down to the smallest details, all you need to know about the Yankee betting system and how to take full advantage of it whether you are a new or seasoned bettor. We will answer questions like how a Yankee bet work, how many bets there are in a Yankee, and many other frequently asked questions.

What is a Yankee bet?

You can define a Yankee bet as a form of multiple wagers in sports betting that consists of four choices or picks. This pick is combined into 11 different bets, including six doubles, four trebles, and one accumulator. Even if not all of your picks win, the Yankee bet allows you to cover more possible outcomes and enhances your chances of winning.

How to place a Yankee bet?

Pick four distinct results: Start by choosing four picks you want to wager on. These might be events within a single sport or amongst sports.

Place your wagers: A Yankee bet basically amounts to 11 wagers in total. This comprises:

  • Six doubles: Pairing the four options in all conceivable two-way combinations. A simpler way to break it down is in a scenario where your four choices are A: Arsenal to win, B: Liverpool to score Over 2.5 goals, C: Man City to score in both halves, and D: Both teams to score in a game between Newcastle and Tottenham, here’s how the combination for the doubles would be AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, and CD if your choices were A, B, C, and D. So your “AB” will be Arsenal to win and Liverpool to score over 2.5 goals. The remaining combinations follow a similar pattern.
  • Four trebles: This entails merging three pieces in all conceivable trios. The trebles in the identical scenario would be ABC, ABD, ACD, and BCD. Just like the scenario we created earlier in our explanation for “six doubles,” your treble, for example, will look like this BCD: Liverpool to score Over 2.5 goals, Man City to score in both halves, and Both teams to score in a game between Newcastle and Tottenham.
  • One accumulator: This combines all your four picks, where all must be successful to win. That means ABCD must triumph for you to win this.

Determine your stake: Decide how much you want to wager, then distribute it evenly across the Yankee system’s 11 bets. This guarantees that a portion of your stake is placed on each wager.

Potential return: The potential returns from a Yankee bet depend on the odds of each selection and the number of winning combinations. If at least two selections win, you will likely receive a return; however, it might not be enough to pay your initial bet.

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Pros and cons of Yankee bet


  • A Yankee bet increases your odds of winning compared to a single bet because it includes 11 bets covering different combinations.
  • 2. Possibility of bigger payouts: If all four picks win, you may receive a sizable payout because the proceeds from all 11 bets will be added together.
  • 3. Risk allocation: The Yankee bet enables you to disperse your risk across various outcomes. You still have a chance to win on the other combinations, even if one or two of your picks are losers.


  • Higher first stake needed: A Yankee bet demands a higher initial stake than a single bet because it involves numerous wagers. To cover every combination, multiply your stake by 11 times.
  • Increasing the cost of losing: Because each of the 11 bets in the Yankee bet is tied to the others, you will lose the entire wager if one or more selections lose.
  • Lower individual odds: When compared to a single wager, the odds for each wager within the Yankee are lower. This is because each wager’s earnings are added together, lowering the possible return on each wager individually.

Modifications of Yankee bet

  • Super Yankee bet

A Super Yankee bet, often called a Canadian bet, is a variety of multiple wagers in the world of sports betting and can be said just to be a modification of the Yankee bet. Here’s how it works:

  • When betting with the Super Yankee system, you must choose five different results from various events or games to arrive at a total of 26 bets created by combining each selection with every other selection in different ways.
  • The combination includes ten doubles, ten trebles, five four-fold accumulators, and one five-fold accumulator in the wager. This makes a total of 26 bets.

Note that the stake is larger because there are more options in a Super Yankee bet than in a normal wager. However, because you have several bets open at once, you can still earn money if even a few of your picks are successful.

  • Permed Yankee bet

A Permed Yankee bet, commonly referred to as a Lucky 15 wager, modifies the Yankee wager by placing single wagers on each of the four options. It is made up of four singles picks, six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator for a total of fifteen different bets.

Even if only a few of your picks are successful, the Permed Yankee Bet has the potential to yield substantial payouts. However, when many bets are involved, the overall cost of the wager is larger than it would be for a single wager because the original stake is multiplied by the number of bets put.

Differences between the Yankee, Super Yankee, and Permed Yankee bet

The number of picks and accompanying wagers involved determines the main distinctions between the Yankee, Super Yankee, and Permed Yankee bets.

  • The Yankee has four picks and eleven wagers.
  • The Permed Yankee has four picks with 15 bets, including singles, while
  •  The Super Yankee has five choices and 26 wagers.

Overall, depending on the amount of correct picks, each wager offers varied levels of coverage and potential profits.

As a result of its balance between coverage and possible profits, the Yankee bet is a favorite among bettors. Covering different combinations offers some insurance while still offering the possibility to win big if all four picks are correct. It’s one system that, provided you use its advantages, can work for you. Keep checking FBR for further advice on new and better ways to wager to maximize return.

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