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Best betting bonuses for newcomers

Top betting bonuses for newcomers: Boost your start here.

Published on 17 Nov 2023

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Entering the world of online betting brings a flood of tempting best betting bonuses from various betting sites, mainly aimed at newcomers. These bonuses act as attractive invitations, intending to catch attention and keep users engaged in a fiercely competitive market. However, underneath their apparent generosity lie rules and conditions that need a closer look to grasp fully.

These offers result from intense competition among betting platforms, each striving to stand out. Yet, hidden within these bonuses are specific requirements like wagering conditions and minimum odds that affect how they work. Understanding these details becomes crucial to making the most of these deals. Here are the best bonuses with reasonable terms and conditions for newbies in betting.

How does the welcome bonus work?

In many cases, bookmaker sites offer new customers a welcome bonus when creating or registering a new account. Sometimes, this type of bonus can be complicated. In this regard, bookmaker sites are generous, but there is a different approach.

Nowadays, the competition between bookmakers is enormous, and to attract and retain customers, they have to issue a huge number of welcome bonuses and incentives in general. Of course, this is very beneficial for players, but to take advantage of these offers correctly, it is important to know how they work and understand some of the requirements that must be followed.

The wagering requirement for betting bonuses

One of the bookmakers’ most common requirements for a welcome bonus is the wagering requirement. Wagering is when a site requires you to wager, place a bet, or transfer a welcome bonus several times. This is the only way you can get your winnings. The wagering requirement for the welcome bonus may vary depending on the bookmaker site used.

For a percentage-based bonus calculated based on the deposit amount, the wagering requirement is usually between 5 and 15 times the actual bonus amount. For a free bet, the wagering requirement is usually lower and is 1-3 times the actual free bet amount.

The wagering requirement usually looks like this:

  • 5x bonus amount
  • 10x bonus amount
  • 1x bonus amount
  • No requirements
  • Minimum odds

Minimum odds are when a site sets a minimum acceptable odds against which you must bet with a welcome bonus. To receive winnings from the welcome bonus, you must place bets on matches or tournaments with odds exceeding the minimum odds.

MostBet: Double the fun with a 100% bonus!

Firstly, Mostbet offers a generous 100% bonus on your deposit. It’s a simple but powerful offer – double your deposit means double your betting fun! An ideal option for beginners who want to get acquainted with the world of betting without risking large sums. MostBet creates a safe and attractive environment for beginners, providing additional means to explore a variety of betting types. The bonus allows you to experiment and expand your options in online betting more confidently.

Mostbet deposit bonus

GGBet: Bonus on bets up to $5,000!

Next on the list is GGBet, which offers an impressive welcome bonus of up to $5,000. This is an excellent chance for newbies, opening the door to the world of betting with maximum opportunities.

GGbet Welcome bonus

For newbies, this means more funds in your account and more opportunities to explore, experiment, and win a big jackpot. GGBet strives to create an environment where your entry into betting is as smooth and exciting as possible.

Stake: Weekly Giveaway – Chance for $75,000 Without Extra Effort!

Stake is offering you an entry into a weekly drawing where you can end the week with a chance to win a share of $75,000! And what’s impressive is that you don’t need to make extra effort to participate in this giveaway. For every $1,000 wagered at the bookmaker, you will automatically receive a ticket to the Stake Weekly Raffle. This is like an additional bonus to your bets and requires no extra effort. For beginners, this becomes the golden ticket to big wins without any fuss.

Stake Weekly Race

Choosing betting bonuses for beginners can make your betting experience more exciting and profitable. Mostbet, GGBet and Stake offer generous bonuses, opening up a world of opportunity and excitement. Take your chance to use these betting bonuses and bet with confidence and excitement!

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