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The Insider’s Guide to Betting on Season Wins Totals

Total in sports betting is a simple bet for players of any level. Learn how to bet on total wins with our complete guide and factors you should consider.

Published on 19 Jan 2023

What is Total Win?

Before the start of any sport’s season, take the NFL for example; one of the sports fans’ pastimes is to look at their favorite teams’ schedules to predict their results after the regular season.

In the legal sports betting markets in the United States, this activity has evolved into a way to wager on season total betting markets. With this market, bettors can predict how teams will perform in the upcoming season.

The Total Wins bet is a type of future bet that demands bettors to predict the number of wins a team will have in a season. In this market, the goal is not to predict the exact number of wins. Instead, this total bet is presented as over/under, where you have to predict whether the team will end up with more or fewer wins given by the bookmaker.

In this betting guide, Free Betting Reviews will explain how such bets work, how to bet on the total winnings of the season, and what strategies bettors should keep in mind before making their predictions.

Understand Streaks

Understanding the importance of streaks is vital to successfully betting on season win totals. While it’s easy to see how long winning streaks and losing skids affect our psychology, they’re also important in sports betting because they inform us how likely a team will continue its current form.

A longer winning streak means that the team has been on fire recently. The longer their current run, the less likely we can expect them to lose their next game and we might even see them continue their winnings until the end of the season.

On the other side, if a team has lost several games in a row, then they’re probably going through some tough times right now. 

Know Injuries

Injuries can be disastrous to a team, especially during the season. While it’s nearly impossible to predict injuries, you can use injury reports as a heads-up on which teams might be in trouble.

If a team misses key players, they may be more likely to lose. This is because they’ll have less depth and experience than their competition.

Furthermore, if an injured player returns from injury and plays poorly, they may erode confidence among their teammates (and fans).

In addition to paying attention when certain teams are on bye weeks or playing at home against an opponent who has had an extended break due to weather-related cancellations, keep an eye out for signs that tell whether or not your selected team will miss players due to injury. 

Use it if you think this will happen based on statistical data such as age or experience level.

But first, ensure you’re placing a bet on a reliable betting platform, which is the key to your success. 

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Check The Calendar

You’ll want to make sure your team has a competitive schedule. If they play the top teams in their conference and win, that might not be enough to cover the season win total. They have to have games against quality opponents on their schedule.

If a team is playing weaker opponents than usual, that would indicate them winning more games than expected.

Also, look at how many home games and away games they have during the season because these factors will affect whether or not your team wins more games than what’s been set for their season win total amount.

Importance of Winstreak in Season Win Totals

A winning streak in sports betting is a series of bets won in a row at a bookmaker.

Understanding the importance of win streaks is essential for successful betting on total wins in a season. And all because they inform us about the likelihood that the team will continue to demonstrate excellent performance.

Sometimes it happens like this: the longer a team’s winning streak lasts, the less likely they will lose the next match. But this is not always the case, so pay attention to other factors.

Consider the Betting Market

You can use the betting market to your advantage. First, understand that the betting market is not always right; it’s just a good place to start. Then, consider the value of placing a bet on a team with a high win total.

The odds are against you when you bet on high-end teams like the New England Patriots or Los Angeles Rams, so if they have a high projected win total and you think they will go over their number, then maybe that’s where you want to put your money.

Successfully Betting On Season Win Totals Requires Several Steps.

You must be willing to do the work to bet on season win totals successfully. 

  • The first step is understanding the season win totals, which can be found at sportsbooks or online betting sites.
  • This will give you a general idea of how many games each team is expected to win during their respective seasons. Next, it’s time to determine which teams have outlier players that could impact their final record. For example, if one player has more than 80 points in an NHL game and another has less than 10 in an NBA game, those two results are likely outliers for their respective teams and should be ignored when constructing your bets.
  • The third step involves examining other elements outside of sports, such as weather patterns or even holidays, that may affect how many games each team plays throughout a season (for example, Christmas Day).

Finally, once you’ve completed all these necessary steps and have a solid grasp on what factors affect team success throughout an entire season, you can start placing your bet.

Free Betting Reviews experts hope this article has provided you with some ideas about how to wager on season-win totals. While it’s not easy, if you follow these steps and keep your cool, you will have a much better chance of winning.

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