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What are Bookmakers?

Bookmakers collect money from bettors and pay them out everytime one of their subscribers wins a bet. Bookmakers do not control the outcome of sports events but they can manage how much their customers can win or lose depending on any particular sporting event result.

What are Sports Brokers?

Sports Brokers function as a middle man or an agency between bookmakers and punters if you don’t want to place your money on the bookmakers websites. They give you single-account access to multiple bookmakers at the same time. Brokerages manage cash deposit and withdrawal for their partner bookies and customers.

What are Trading Platforms​?

Sports Trading Platforms or Sportsbook Aggregators serve as the collector of odds from their partnered sportsbooks so that you don’t have to create separate accounts for hundreds of bookies just to find the best odds that will generate bigger profits.

What are Alternate Links and Mirror Sites?​

Alternative Links and Mirror Sites are also websites that were created to give access to sports betting enthusiasts in countries that do not allow online gambling, so that they can still enjoy their games and betting experience.

How can I access online betting sites if they are restricted in my country?​​

You can access sports betting sites and gambling sites through their alternative links and mirror sites. These are usually found in linked websites or review websites like FreeBettingReviews.

When do I use Alternative Links and Mirror Sites?​

When the official URL or website of a provider can’t be accessed in your browser or mobile device, it means that it is blocked or restricted due to local censorship. Sometimes, too much web traffic also causes a website to be inaccessible to users, this usually happens when a popular sporting event is ongoing. 

When do I use VPN?​

You may subscribe to a VPN Service Provider when you can’t access the websites or alternative links. The system sets up a connection that is channeled through the user’s internet serv