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Customer Service

HollywoodBets: Top Sports Betting Odds and Casino

HollywoodBets is one of the hottest and most critically acclaimed betting sites hailing from South Africa. They are part of the longstanding bookmakers who have been providing exciting sports and casino betting offers to their users all across the globe.

HollywoodBets: Pros and Cons

Reputation & History​

Founded in 2000, HollywoodBets has been offering services for a little over two decades now, longer than the average bookmaker. Despite beginning from a small market in Africa, it’s only one of the many roadblocks that HollywoodBets have had been facing before their eventual global success and claim to fame by being featured in a Bussiness magazine as one of the top 50 bookmakers in the world in 2019.

Betting Markets

HollywoodBets is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission ensuring every bet and wager is legal and safe. It offers to bet on spreads, moneylines, teasers, props, parlays, and other options.

Coverage of Sports

HollywoodBets offers an extensive catalog of sports globally. Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, American Football, and every other major sport is covered by HollywoodBets.

Odds Competitiveness

HollywoodBets offers up-to-par lines and odds that results to lucrative payouts. They are also relatively quick at moving the lines in case of a substantial roster change or injury.


Banking Options

There are numerous banking options that a bettor could use with HollywoodBets. The duration of any withdrawal and deposit before being credited to a user’s account depends on the payment system used. HollywoodBets requires a minimum of 10 Rands for every deposit and 100 Rands for every withdrawal.

Bonus & Rewards

HollywoodBets treats its new users with a generous welcome bonus of 25 Rands that is required to be wagered within 24 hours before being rendered unusable. To receive the bonus, users need to follow T&Cs found at their site.

Withdrawal Speeds

HollywoodBets allows users to withdraw their money through numerous options. The withdrawal speeds depend on the system used, usually ranging from three days to a week.

Security & Safety​

HollywoodBets is perfectly legal and safe for every bettor across the globe. Besides being licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, HollywoodBets double downs on security by utilizing encryption on their site that protects the users’ private information from potential third-party attacks and malware.


Mobile Compatibility

Unfortunately for mobile bettors, HollywoodBets has yet to have a mobile version or app of their website.

Additional Features

Unlike the better part of bookmakers, HollywoodBets offers live streaming of games. As to how it sets them apart from similar bookmakers that also provide the same service, the interface they offer, and the simplicity of how things are put enable even a betting casual to understand what is happening.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Users can contact customer support by dialing their international number +087 353 7634 by phone or by email through [email protected]

Language Supported

HollywoodBets supports multiple language in its customer service in interface. It primarily uses English in its main site’s UI.

Currency Options

HollywoodBets primarily requires users to bet with South African Rands (R). Other currencies may also be used but will be primed for conversion when deposited.
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Banking 92%
Availability 96%
Customer Service 95%



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HollywoodBets is a bookmaker that has it all. Good customer service, great lines and odds, trustability, and, more importantly, exciting offers and features. It couldn’t possibly get more well-rounded than what HollywoodBets offers.
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