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Profit with the Best Betting & Trading Platforms – VOdds & Odds4sports

Ready to take your betting and trading game to the next level? VOdds and Odds4sports are two top-tier platforms you should definitely consider.

Published on 15 Mar 2023

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Odds aggregators and trading platforms collect odds from sportsbooks with which they have partnerships. This saves gamblers from having to sign up with hundreds of different bookies to find the best odds that will give them the most money. Find out about the top two sites for wagering and trading that you can use.

VOdds: Online Asian Sportsbook Aggregator

VOdds is a sports trading platform that shows odds from many reputable Asian bookmakers, such as Pinnacle Sports, Betfair, Matchbook, SBOBET, and much more. No need to sign up for an account at each bookie in order to find the best odds for your bets; VOdds has compiled a list of the best odds and highest limits in one convenient place. You can take advantage of discounts and special offers as well.

On the betting scene, VOdds is a newcomer. However, they are already well-liked due to their competitive odds and prices, especially in the Asian handicap market. VOdds may be relatively new to the gambling scene, but they’ve already got some seriously impressive offerings that will make you want to use them.

How to Make Money With Vodds?

Expert gamblers always look for the best odds possible by shopping around with different bookmakers. The VOdds sports trading platform is the best tool for betting because it gives you immediate access to many bookmakers. You will get a lot of value for your money thanks to the favorable odds, high stakes, and low costs.

A guided tour of the VOdds interface is available. It’s simple to figure out what to do next, but if you get lost, they’ll help you. The interface isn’t like what you’d find at a typical bookmaker or aggregator, but it’s still very simple and easy to use. And here are some of the special extras you can use to boost your earnings even further.

  • Positional order betting feature

Positional order betting lets you lock in wins, making it one of their best features. This type of betting lets you bet on both teams to guarantee a profit no matter who wins. Positional order betting lowers your risk of losing. This feature is great for novice and professional bettors.

  • API for sports betting with VOdds

A sports trading application programming interface (API) lets users automate their trading and add computerized strategies to their platform. High-frequency traders should use the VOdds API due to its high liquidity and low latency. You can also take advantage of its speed, accuracy, data management, real-time access to great prices, and automation.

  • Resources

To increase liquidity, the VOdds team keeps finding new resources. For football, basketball, and tennis, they offer Asian Handicap, 12 Betting, and Over/Under or Totals Betting in full and half time. They also offer special bookings or corners for major tournaments. They had great trading resources. Tips, guides, and other betting features are rare on sports trading platforms.

  • Sports Coverage and the Betting Industry

There are millions of sports fans all over the world, and VOdds covers the three most popular ones: basketball, football, and tennis. Specifically, the Asian Handicap in the sport of football (soccer) is the main topic of discussion.

  • Competition Odds

VOdds offered the best odds with Betfair, Matchbook, Pinnacle, Singbet (Crown), SBOBET, BetISN, WLG, and GA268. SBC, and Penta88. VOdds’ single-wallet platform lets you choose which sportsbook to bet with. Request a Pinnacle, SBOBET, or SingBet direct account to bet on these partner bookmakers.

  • Dependable Banking

VOdds works with trusted betting brokers and payment processors like Skrill and Neteller. Bettors can deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin and bank wires, and the site keeps adding payment options. The company now supports Jeton Wallet, Tether (USDT), and ecoPayz. The 24/7 service team ensures safe and fast deposits and withdrawals. Use Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Jeton, Tether, or ecoPayz for faster transactions. The British Pound and the Euro have standardized currency and payment.

  • Bonuses and Prizes

New customers can get a €/£100 welcome bonus on their first deposit at VOdds. Other sportsbooks and trading platforms offer bonuses similar to these. They also offer a Refer-a-Friend Bonus of up to $100 for each friend who signs up and deposits. VOdds’ Bounty Program rewards customers for referrals. Participants can earn up to €/£200 by sharing VOdds content on Twitter, Instagram, blogs, telegram, and YouTube each month.

Want to make a winning bet on the upcoming game and you can’t find a reliable betting platform? Free Betting Reviews with partner VOdds offer not only high odds, but also an exclusive promo of 25%. Play and win with us! 

Odds4Sports: Live Sports Betting and Exchange

Odds4Sports is a new online betting exchange that is growing quickly. It has the best deals, real-time odds, the best prices on the market, and all the newest tools to help you bet on sports better. Because they have so many options, they give bettors the chance to try out and enjoy betting on a wide range of sports.

How to Make Money With Odds4Sports?

Given that the domain name for Odds4Sports was registered several years ago, it is safe to assume that the site is legitimate. The owner of this online business can keep his or her identity secret by using certain payment methods. These optional extras can be used to increase your earnings even further.

  • Reliable and extensive gambling exchanges

Odds4Sports has real-time odds that are updated instantly and without any delays. It also has a live price stream from a number of different bookmakers and exchanges, all in one easy-to-use interface. The website makes sure that orders are matched up correctly and that customers always get the best prices on the market.

  • Comprehensive sports coverage

Odds4Sports offers wagering opportunities on a wide range of sporting events, including football (full-time, half-time, corners, HT corners, extra-time, and half-and-full), eSports, basketball, tennis, American football, baseball, ice hockey, cricket, rugby union, boxing, mixed martial arts, and rugby league.

  • Gambling with Competitive Odds

This platform has very good odds and the best prices and limits because it works with the best brokerages and bookmakers in the business, such as Eastbridge, Betfair, SBObet, Pinnacle, BetISN, SingBet, and Matchbook, among others.

  • Variable Methods of Deposit

Odds4Sports accepts bank wire transfers, as well as Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, and other digital currencies. Despite the limited number of options, the site’s payment processing is safe and reliable. The minimum fee for withdrawing funds is 5 euros or 6 pounds with Skrill and Neteller, and 16 euros or 6 pounds with a bank wire transfer. You can locate the Terms and Conditions document on their website.

  • Rapid Withdrawal Procedure

If you use any of the payment methods Odds4Sports offers, your deposits and withdrawals will be processed right away. If there are any delays in the way your transactions are handled, their customer service team will answer you quickly and in detail. Bets can be placed using either the euro or the pound sterling currency options.

Which platform is better: VOdds or Odds4Sports?

The main advantage of VOdds can be considered their constantly updated news in the world of sports, as well as promotional offers that give their users the opportunity to take advantage of a welcome bonus of one of the best sports betting platforms. As for Odds4Sports, here users will not be able to find exclusive promo codes or bonuses, but cooperation with the leading bookmakers increases the competitiveness of the site and causes trust among most users.

Betting requires comparing the best sportsbook aggregators and sports trading platforms. The top trading platform that Free Betting Reviews reviewed can help you invest in your hobby. They choose trading platforms and aggregators that partner with top bookmakers and betting brokerages.

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