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WIRE Transfer

Make secure, fast bank transfers on your favorite betting platforms with convenient and streamlined banking services. Enjoy a simple and hassle-free experience without limiting your betting potential. Get started now and start winning big!

Published on 15 Feb 2023

WIRE or Bank transfer is a convenient and economical way to transfer funds in any foreign currency. The essence of the method is that the financial sender enters the recipient’s data into a special payment form with the actual bank details of his bank. Nowadays bank transfer is not as popular as credit cards or electronic payment systems. 

Wire transfer is one of the most convenient and fast methods of transferring money in the world of gambling. It is a global service, which makes it attractive to bettors who want to make deposits and withdraw their winnings quickly. However, wire transfer also comes with a few drawbacks. It can be attractive for scammers due to its non-reversible nature, and it can come with higher costs depending on the casino or bookmaker you are using. 

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