PayPal is a system of electronic payments, which is used to pay for goods on the Internet, as well as for funding personal accounts, including on betting websites. Among the foreign betting platforms PayPal is one of the main tools of transactions due to the fast speed of funds transfer, high level of personal wallet protection, as well as the possibility of using multiple currencies. 

PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods for betting sites due to its ease of use and security. It allows users to transfer money without any subscription fee, so it’s convenient and cost-effective. Furthermore, it provides extra layers of security which makes the transfers secure and reliable.

However, there are some drawbacks associated with PayPal as well when it comes to betting. It charges extra fees for accessing money from betting sites, which can be a bit expensive. Additionally, disputes can take longer than usual to process due to PayPal’s dispute resolution system.

The American Express payment system is another famous payment system in the world that operates on the basis of plastic cards. The convenience of using American Express credit cards in online casinos and betting platforms made this method of payment system popular. Moreover, certain types of American Express cards give their holders the opportunity to make the maximum bets on foreign betting sites. 

American Express has been offering a safe payment option that offers high limits and no extra fees, but it is not as readily available as Visa and MasterCard in online bookmakers.