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How to bet on LOL: League of Legends beginner’s guide

Discover the basics of League of Legends betting with our beginner's guide! Learn how to navigate the world of LOL betting, and understand team play styles.

Published on 21 Dec 2023

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Within the domain of esports, League of Legends (LoL) asserts its dominance as a colossal force. Boasting an extensive player community and a dynamic competitive landscape, it comes as no shock that LoL has emerged as a favored option for those engaged in esports wagering. For those unfamiliar with both the intricacies of League of Legends and the realm of esports betting, there is no need for concern. This handbook is to escort you through the fundamental elements, unraveling the mysteries of the game, and providing insights into the basics of how to bet on LOL.

What is LOL?

League of Legends, created by Riot Games, is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Here two teams of five players battle it out to destroy the enemy’s Nexus, a crucial structure in their base. The main mode is the classic 5v5 called Summoner’s Rift, and it’s widely played in the competitive scene. As one of the most loved esports games globally, it boasts professional leagues, tournaments, and a massive player base in the millions.

How do League of Legends matches work?

In a regular League of Legends game, there are two teams: the blue team and the red team. The main goal is to destroy the other team’s Nexus, but players need to manage different lanes and beat enemy champions to achieve that. Each player in LoL has a specific role like top laner, mid laner, jungler, AD carry, or support, each with its duties. Games usually have two main parts: the early game (laning phase) and the late game (team-fight phase).

Principles on how to bet on LOL

Main types of bets

When it comes to League of Legends worlds betting, there are different types of bets you can make, such as:

  • Match winner. Bet on the team you think will win the entire match.
  • Map winner. Predict which team will win a particular game within the match.
  • First blood. Place a bet on the team you believe will score the first kill.
  • Total maps Over/Under. Bet on whether the number of games played will be more or less than a set number.
  • Prop bets. Wager on specific in-game events, like predicting the team that will get the first dragon or Baron Nashor kill.

Best betting sites for League of Legends betting

To kick off your adventure into LoL esports betting, find a trustworthy League of Legends betting sites. Popular platforms like GGBet, Cyber.bet, and Melbet are worth exploring. When picking a platform, look into aspects like security, the variety of markets, odds, and bonuses. It’s crucial to use a licensed and regulated platform to ensure a secure and fair betting experience.

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Key guidance on how to bet on LOL

Getting to know the current meta-trends

Understanding the behind-the-scenes details of League of Legends is super important when you’re thinking about betting on the game. The folks at Riot Games, who created League of Legends, are always tweaking things in the game, adjusting the action from moment to moment.

They do this to keep the game feeling new and exciting. After all, we wouldn’t still be playing the game 12 years later if they didn’t figure out a way to keep it interesting.

Even though these changes might seem small, they can have a big impact on how professional players approach the game. A tiny shift in the gameplay can mess up a strategy that a pro player has been perfecting for months. These changes can lead to surprising outcomes in the competitive scene. Teams that rely on a strategy that’s no longer possible might start losing, while lower-ranked teams could suddenly get a lot better.

If you stay updated on the changes happening in the League of Legends world, you’ll be able to adjust your approach to betting on the game. That way, you won’t be caught off guard by any unexpected twists.

Keep in the loop about what’s happening in the LoL major events

Common sense, right? If you don’t watch the games, how can you really know how to bet on LOL? It’s like walking into a sportsbook and placing a bet on a soccer match without even watching a few games.

The same principle applies to eSports. Relying only on team names won’t cut it; you’ll run out of luck and money fast. To be in the know, keep tabs on recent results, team roster changes, match history, upcoming tournaments, and, especially in 2023, any delays. These details are crucial and should be in every League of Legends betting guide you come across.

Here’s an easy way to stay updated: hop on Twitch and check out League of Legends. There are always tons of gamers streaming it. Take a peek at the tournament schedules and watch some pro-level matches. The skill level in competitive eSports is mind-blowing, and if you’re aware of the latest scene developments, you’ll up your chances when it comes to betting on eSports.

Focus on team and players’ stats

In the realm of eSports, each competitive team in League of Legends approaches the game with unique tactics. Understanding how different teams operate and interact is crucial when gearing up to bet on a League of Legends match.

Early game focus:

  • Teams emphasizing the early game opt for aggressive champions in their drafts.
  • Their strategy involves making bold plays, acting aggressively, and pushing forward quickly.
  • The goal is to establish a substantial lead early on, making it nearly impossible for the opponent to catch up.

Late game focus:

  • Teams prioritizing the late game choose defensive champions to survive the initial stages without depleting their resources hastily.
  • Successful execution allows them to launch a powerful counterattack during the later phases of the game.
  • This strategic approach aims to overwhelm opponents who may be running low on resources.

Late game with an aggressive edge:

  • Teams balancing a late-game focus with an aggressive edge pose a significant threat to their opponents.
  • These teams combine defensive strategies with a proactive mindset, making them formidable and challenging adversaries.

These distinctions in team strategies shed light on the dynamics of League of Legends betting.

Learn different types of match formats

Understanding competitive formats:

  • Bettors must grasp the format used in competitive matches to make informed decisions.
  • Common League of Legends formats include Best of 1, Best of 2, Best of 3, and Best of 5.
  • The format chosen can impact the duration of an event, potentially leading to burnout for teams.

Regional variances:

  • In the League of Legends European Championship Tournament (EU), a best-of-2 format is typical.
  • In the United States, a best-of-3 format is commonly employed.
  • Playoff events across all regions generally adopt a best-of-5 format.

Safer options on how to bet on LoL:

  • Best of 5 and Best of 3 formats are considered safer for betting.
  • Longer formats tend to favor the stronger team, minimizing randomness and potential upsets.

Risk and excitement:

  • Best of 1 games, while riskier, can inject excitement into betting.
  • These single matches, lasting 15 minutes to an hour, are thrilling but have become less common in major tournaments.

Understanding the format is key, with longer formats favoring stability, while shorter ones introduce more unpredictability and excitement.

The play style of players and teams

Maybe it’s a bit obvious but always keep an eye on how your favorite teams like to play. In the League of Legends competition, there are two main styles: Aggressive and LCK (LoL Champions Korea).

Aggressive teams jump into big fights early on, aiming to quickly overpower their opponents and win. They’re usually successful and make the game exciting to watch.

On the other hand, teams following the traditional LCK style focus on strategic gameplay, aiming to prolong the match. They set up plays that come into play later in the game. This style requires great teamwork, and if they can’t make it work, they often struggle against aggressive teams.

When betting on a match between two aggressive teams, it often boils down to the raw talent of individual players. In a clash between aggressive and LCK styles, you need to understand each team’s abilities in different lanes. This guidance should help to learn how to bet on LoL. First of all, remember that the basics of betting will help you earn in a long perspective.

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