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Aura provides a straightforward VPN service compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. While it effectively encrypts internet activity and conceals your location, it falls short compared to leading VPNs.

One notable drawback is the absence of location-changing options and a kill switch, essential features present in top-tier VPNs. These features ensure enhanced privacy and protection, which Aura lacks.

For streaming, Aura performs reasonably well, granting access to US Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, it fell short with Hulu and Disney+. If optimal streaming VPNs are your priority, consider exploring our top recommendations.

While Aura permits P2P traffic, it may not be the best choice for torrenting due to the absence of a kill switch. This shortfall increases the risk of your ISP detecting torrenting activities during VPN server connection issues, a common occurrence.

Aura's VPN includes a feature that blocks suspicious websites, particularly those attempting phishing attacks. Testing this capability with known phishing links revealed the VPN's effectiveness in detecting and blocking all tested links, enhancing overall security.

Privacy and encryption

Aura's malware scanner effectively identifies malware, demonstrating comparable performance to leading competitors. It offers both real-time malware detection and on-demand scans, utilizing an extensive database of known malware. However, it lacks advanced heuristics or machine learning capabilities for detecting newer malware variants, a feature found in Norton and Bitdefender.

  1. For manual scanning, Aura provides three distinct methods:
  2. Quick Scan: Targets folders commonly housing viruses and malware, such as system files and temporary files.
  3. Full Scan: Examines every file and folder on your device comprehensively.
  4. Custom Scan: Allows you to select specific files or folders for scanning.

During testing, Aura successfully detected approximately 98% of the malware files downloaded for evaluation. This performance aligns closely with top Windows antiviruses in 2024, which typically achieve nearly 100% detection rates. The test malware samples included spyware, trojans, viruses, and ransomware downloaded onto a Windows 11 PC.