Best for USA, Asia and Europe
Try this VPN If you're into cybersecurity, you've probably heard of F-Secure. Known for its antivirus software and the charismatic Chief Research Officer Mikko Hyppönen, the company also provides a VPN known as F-Secure Freedome. Freedome boasts servers in 29 countries, which is slightly above half the average offered by other competing VPNs. The number of countries a VPN spans is crucial for finding nearby servers while traveling and provides more choices for altering your virtual location. While F-Secure covers the fundamentals with its servers, it does overlook significant parts of the world, such as Africa, for instance.

Privacy and encryption

F-Secure Safe offers robust protection against malware and includes additional features like ID protection, password management, and parental controls. With its affordable pricing, you get a bundle of useful features, and despite the multitude of tools, the software remains user-friendly and manageable. When it comes to creating a VPN connection, there are various methods available. I prefer the open-source OpenVPN protocol due to its thorough scrutiny for potential vulnerabilities. Freedome utilizes OpenVPN on Android, macOS, and Windows. On iOS, it employs IPSEC, IKEv1, or IKEv2. While WireGuard is gaining popularity for its superior speeds and open-source nature, Freedome has yet to support it. However, this is not a significant concern at the moment.