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GuardStreet VPN stands out as a secure and affordable option for browsing. While it permits access to torrenting websites, it lacks secure email services and does not provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With Guard Street VPN, you can simultaneously connect up to 5 devices. The service offers unlimited data, server switching, and includes an ad-blocking feature. However, it currently has 23 server locations.

Despite the limited server count, Guard Street prioritizes speed optimization, ensuring seamless HD streaming, large downloads, and other data-intensive activities. It effectively bypasses geo-restrictions, granting access to blocked online content, including popular sites like CBS, Fox News, and ABC. Notably, during our testing, we encountered difficulty connecting to the US version of Netflix.

In terms of privacy, Guard Street VPN introduces the Photo Shield feature, preventing external entities from pinpointing the precise location of your photos and videos by eliminating geo-tracking data such as GPS coordinates.

Privacy and encryption

Guard Street VPN employs robust 1024-bit corporate-grade encryption, currently recognized as the most secure encryption configuration available. This ensures that your personal data remains safeguarded against unauthorized access.

In terms of data collection, Guard Street gathers essential details such as your email address, mobile phone number, payment information, address (when necessary), limited usage data, Google analytics data, submissions on the "Contact Us" page, and any emails received from you.

It's crucial to note that Guard Street emphasizes user privacy. They commit to never selling, leasing, or renting your data to third parties. Furthermore, they won't collect, track, or share your browsing history or online activity. If you choose to unsubscribe or cease communication with Guard Street, they won't contact you in any manner.

The collected information serves specific purposes, including creating and maintaining your account, enhancing your user experience, suggesting relevant products, software, and services, responding to service requests, providing updates on developments and features, processing and completing orders, and sending subscription information, payment confirmations, and other relevant correspondence.