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Situated in the United States, IPVanish is an excellent choice for streaming and accessing other popular streaming services. It's also compatible with different torrenting clients, delivering high speeds, particularly with the WireGuard tunneling protocol.

IPVanish stands out by offering a diverse set of features, some of which are unique to this VPN. For instance, you have the option to configure your VPN connection to function on your preferred Wi-Fi network or application using the On Demand feature. Additionally, it includes a SOCKS5 proxy, beneficial for those who enjoy torrenting.

Privacy and encryption

IPVanish employs strong encryption methods, including 256-bit AES encryption and ChaCha20 with WireGuard. Originally named Rijndael, AES-256 is highly regarded for securing data and is extensively used in government and financial institutions. Its complexity makes it resistant to brute-force attacks by hackers.

When it comes to account authentication, IPVanish uses SHA-512 hash functions. These functions transform your login details into hashes, with each hash being 512 bits in size. Replicating such a hash requires a significant amount of time, enhancing the security of your data.

IPVanish goes further by incorporating perfect forward secrecy into its authentication mechanisms. This means that a part of their encryption system is constantly changing. As a result, the encryption keys used by the VPN an hour ago are slightly different from the ones it's currently using. This continuous change enhances security, especially in the event of a potential data breach.

IPVanish includes a kill switch that turns off your internet connection in case the link to a VPN server is disrupted. It's worth noting that this feature is specifically accessible with the OpenVPN protocol.

Another useful feature is the Block LAN Traffic option, which ensures that all local network traffic is halted. This can be beneficial for those who are wary of using public Wi-Fi connections. Conversely, you have the flexibility to configure it in a way that blocks all other local network interfaces when connected to the VPN. This configuration might assist in preventing data leaks while downloading torrent files.