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Namecheap, Inc. - an American company founded in 2000 with offices in different countries around the world: USA, UK, France, Ukraine, India, Greece, Portugal and others. Shared hosting servers, VPS operators, and dedicated servers are located in the PhoenixNAP data center (Phoenix, Arizona, USA).

Guaranteed monthly Uptime of 100% on all Shared, Business, and Dedicated server accounts (Dedicated), and Reseller and VPS are 99.9% guaranteed. Namecheap provides domain name registration services (Whois protection), Web hosting, and SSL certificate installation. Today Namecheap supports more than 6 million domain names and is one of the top ten registrars in the world.

There is no free test period, like many European hosting campaigns, instead, they offer full money back within 30 days after purchase for Shared and Reseller plans, within 14 days for VPS, and 7 days for Dedicated.

What does it offer?

Namecheap begins its offerings with affordable and user-friendly shared hosting, ideal for beginners and less resource-intensive websites.

For those using WordPress, Namecheap provides optimized hosting tailored for WordPress sites, enhancing site management features and boosting overall speed.

If you're seeking maximum performance, VPS and dedicated hosting are available. However, these options are more intricate to manage and typically come at a higher cost, making them more suitable for business users. Nevertheless, Namecheap does offer budget-friendly options, making advanced technology accessible to a broader audience (details below).