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Symlex VPN has garnered over 500,000 installations on Google Play, steadily inching towards a 4-star rating. The Android app impressed me with its straightforwardness. The app's settings don't overwhelm you with numerous options; instead, it focuses on simplicity in server selection and connection. Symlex VPN caters to users who prefer an uncomplicated application, delivering precisely that.

When it comes to safeguarding user data, Symlex VPN prioritizes privacy, especially against the scrutiny of authorities from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and others. Hailing from Bangladesh and registered in South Africa, the company operates beyond the jurisdiction of the aforementioned state authorities. Neither Bangladesh nor South Africa falls under the categories of 14 Eyes or 5 Eyes. Rest assured, Symlex VPN employs the robust AES-256 encryption, a military-grade standard, minimizing concerns about data falling into the wrong hands.

Symlex VPN boasts a network of over 100 servers across 65 countries. While the numbers might not seem extraordinary, they prove ample for users. Unlike some VPNs that play numbers games with servers, Symlex focuses on meaningful coverage. An additional surprise is the inclusion of Russian and Chinese VPN servers, with reports suggesting seamless functionality in China.

Privacy and encryption

he mobile applications come equipped with a kill switch, though it's turned off by default. This feature ensures that internet access is promptly severed if there's a compromise in the VPN connection. Additionally, Symlex VPN offers a split tunneling option, allowing users to deactivate the VPN for specific apps.

According to information from customer support, torrenting and P2P traffic are supported on designated servers.

Symlex VPN employs robust encryption methods, utilizing AES-256/128 bit encryption. It supports various protocols, including OpenConnect SSL VPN, HTTP, OpenVPN, and SSH.

In adherence to its Privacy Policy, the provider explicitly states it does not collect or log browsing history, traffic destinations, data content, or DNS queries when connected to its VPN servers. However, it does gather information about activated apps and their versions for potential troubleshooting purposes.