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StrongVPN started providing VPN services in 2005 and currently operates over 950 VPN servers across 30 countries and 59 cities, offering a diverse range of locations. The VPN provider has two servers in Africa but doesn't have any in countries with strict internet regulations like China and Russia.

Nevertheless, StrongVPN is headquartered in the United States, which is known for being one of the less privacy-friendly countries globally. Being part of the Five Eyes alliance, if US authorities require user information from the company, they can obtain it through a legal warrant.

Privacy and encryption

StrongVPN follows a rigorous privacy code. It refrains from logging details about your IP address, bandwidth usage, timestamps, or online activities. When you create an account, the VPN only asks for your email address and payment information, keeping your personal data to a minimum.

The company makes it clear by presenting its privacy policy with the following key points:

  • A VPN service that doesn't log or store your data during connections
  • The only personal information collected is for account setup
  • Personal information is not sold to third parties

One notable feature of StrongVPN is its ability to connect up to 12 devices simultaneously using a single subscription. Typically, many VPN providers only allow five connections at once per account, but StrongVPN stands out by accommodating larger households or families with multiple devices. Some VPNs have even removed these limitations entirely, such as Avira Phantom VPN, Ghostery Midnight, the Editors' Choice Surfshark VPN, and Windscribe VPN, which permit an unlimited number of simultaneous connections.

If you wish to extend your VPN coverage to every device in your home, even those unable to run VPN client software, you can set up your router to connect via VPN. While some companies sell preconfigured routers, StrongVPN provides instructions for users who want to configure their routers for VPN connectivity.