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Total VPN serves as a valuable addition to TotalAV's antivirus package. We appreciated its speed and security, finding it easy to activate. Despite being a basic VPN, its inclusion in an antivirus product impressed us, especially with the extensive server and country options available.

While Total VPN is not the most advanced, it efficiently bypasses geo-blocks, allowing access to TV shows and movies on platforms like Netflix and Hulu. The fleet of 50+ servers in 35 countries may seem somewhat limited, but for streaming and P2P activities, it pleasantly surprised me, even though it may not handle demanding tasks like gaming well.

The speeds offered are reliable enough for swift browsing and streaming. Additionally, being part of the TotalAV antivirus software makes Safe Browsing VPN a potential choice for those prioritizing security. Connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots becomes less worrisome, allowing you to reclaim your online privacy.

Privacy and encryption

TotalAV's VPN utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, a level of security on par with the best VPNs, making it highly resistant to any attempts at breaking it.

The VPN employs two robust protocols, OpenVPN and IKEv2, both widely recognized in the premium VPN realm. OpenVPN, being open-source, is considered one of the safest protocols due to continuous global updates. On the other hand, IKEv2, although older, is lightweight and compatible with many mobile devices.

It would be beneficial if Total VPN supported WireGuard, the fastest protocol embraced by most modern VPNs. This inclusion could potentially enhance TotalAV's VPN speeds, particularly on distant servers.

For Windows users, TotalAV’s Safe Browsing VPN introduces a kill switch feature, adding an extra layer of security by cutting off internet access if the VPN connection is disrupted. While this is a useful feature, it's essential to remember to activate it for full protection.