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VyprVPN offers a variety of servers to choose from, with over 700 in total worldwide. It's the fastest VPN service we've tested, and their priority on security (compared to many of their competitors) makes this one of the best we've seen. Apart from everything else, the price for the services is very favorable, and the service is definitely worth the money. We recommend VyprVPN to anyone looking for a service that protects its users' location information and data in general.

Privacy and encryption

VyprVPN is a very reliable service; when we tested it, the connection never dropped, and it always performed great at high speeds. The service offers excellent support in the form of live chat, so you are guaranteed to speak to a live person who will try to solve your problem. The staff are very friendly, work hard and quickly to resolve any issues that arise, and they keep you in touch and updated while your issue is being resolved.

When you set up the VyprVPN client and connect to their servers, your connection gets encrypted. VyprVPN employs AES-256-CBC encryption, known for being highly secure and commonly used in banks and other secure environments.

During the connection setup, your authentication undergoes processing with the SHA-256 algorithm. This algorithm transforms plain data like your login details into hashed text, effectively concealing it and ensuring your online anonymity and security.

You have the flexibility to choose different tunneling protocols based on specific use cases:

  • WireGuard: A market-standard next-gen option, extremely secure, and notably faster than alternatives.
  • IKEv2: Ideal for mobile devices, it's fast, secure, and swiftly reconnects if the connection is interrupted.
  • OpenVPN: VyprVPN servers support both TCP and UDP versions, but the VyprVPN client only allows UDP for faster performance.
  • Chameleon 2.0: Disguises your VPN traffic as regular encrypted traffic, particularly useful for bypassing VPN blocks in restrictive countries.

WireGuard stands out as the most reliable option, providing flawless performance and the highest connection speeds.