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Webshare may not be among the proxy industry giants, but its popularity has surged since introducing proxy services three years ago. The standout feature for proxy users is the surprisingly affordable price offered on the Webshare website.

These budget-friendly proxies not only come at a low cost but also boast impressive capabilities, handling high internet speeds without causing bottlenecks, unlike many other providers. Thanks to their speed, Webshare proxies are ideal for anonymous internet surfing, accessing geo-blocked websites, and data scraping.

Webshare provides a range of features to attract and satisfy users, supporting both HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies with options for authentication or password authentication.

Privacy is a top priority for Webshare, offering real-time protection against websites attempting to detect visitors. The proxy stays ahead of detection techniques, including HTTP header inspection, TCP fingerprint proxy, port scan prevention, and DNS leak detection. Moreover, Webshare assures users that their data is entirely safe and not sold to third parties.

Speed is another focus, and Webshare goes beyond mere claims by validating its proxies' speed with a 99.97% uptime, a network exceeding 100 Gbps, and 24/7 monitoring. Each proxy undergoes benchmarking every 5 minutes, aiming to maintain speeds above 500 Mbps. If speeds dip below this threshold, a dispatch is sent to the network team for immediate action.

Webshare emerges as an appealing proxy option with clear advantages, including a free tier, high-security standards, a commitment to anonymity, impressive proxy speeds, and a variety of plan choices.