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Best NBA matches to bet on: Lakers Vs Golden State Warriors Game 2

The Lakers are on the road again as they look to go two games up in game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals.

Published on 04 May 2023

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LeBron James Vs Stephen Curry! This might be the last time we see these two legends battle in a play-offs series. These players have quite the history, as this Western Conference Semi-final matchup is their fifth playoff encounter against each other. Steph Curry’s Warriors had a seven-game battle against the Sacramento Kings to progress to the second round; meanwhile, the Lakers cleared the Grizzlies in six games to advance to the semis. The Lakers and Golden State Warriors is one matchup perhaps too great for the Western Conference Semifinals, as only one of these teams will progress to the next round. Here’s a preview of Game Two between these teams.

Lakers VS Warriors game one recap

  • The Lakers are one team that has exceeded expectations this season. From having an extremely slim chance of making the playoffs to upsetting second-seed, the Memphis Grizzlies in round one, the purple and gold are back, and they look like contenders.
  • Anthony Davis was the star of the show in game one as he scored a game-high 30 points and grabbed a joint game-high 23 rebounds. LeBron James followed with 22 points and 11 rebounds. D’Angelo Russell scored 19 points, while Dennis Schroder dropped 19 from the bench.
  • The Warriors have fatigue in play here. After battling the Kings in a seven-game series, the Warriors could not compete as efficiently against the well-rested Los Angeles Lakers. Veteran point guard Stephen Curry who was coming off a 50-point game in game seven against the Kings, could only drop 27 points in game one against the Lakers’ excellent defense.
  • Klay Thompson added 25 points, while Jordan Poole added 21 from the bench. Kevon Looney had a monster game against the glass as he grabbed a joint game-high 23 rebounds. However, more was needed to secure the dub for the Warriors at Chase Center.

Preview of Warriors Vs Lakers game two

The Warriors have the home-court advantage in this matchup, and they have an excellent record at home. The Warriors will want to even things out at home as they will be heading to the Crypto.com arena in games three and four, which makes this game two a must-win for them. The Warriors’ struggles on the road this season is no news, so the defending champions are in a challenging position.

What do the lakers have over the Warriors

Paint presence: Yes, Although both teams’ big men, Anthony Davis and Kevon Looney, recorded 23 rebounds each in Game One, Anthony Davis’ offensive production is one Looney cannot match, and that’s a huge difference here. The Lakers have LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and even Rui Hachimura crashing the paint, and that has come up big for them in this matchup. They are bossing the small-man lineup the Warriors are flooring in the paint.

Fouls: The Golden State Warriors are a 3-point shooting team, and the fact that they cannot draw enough fouls gives the Los Angeles Lakers an upper hand here. In game one, the Lakers had 29 free throws attempted as compared to the Warriors’ six. This resulted in 25 points for the Lakers, while the Warriors earned only five points from free throws.

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What do the Warriors have over the Lakers

3-point shooting: The Warriors’ ability to shoot from deep is where they can punish the Lakers in this matchup. In game one, they dropped 21 of their attempted 53 from long range, compared to the Lakers, who shot 6 of 25. If they can keep their efficiency up from the three-point line, it will be an excellent weapon for them in this series.

Lakers Vs Warriors NBA betting predictions today

FBR’s expert analysis of Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinal encounter between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors is here.

NBA money line picks today for Lakers Vs Warriors Game 2

Steve Kerr will make adjustments to ensure the Warriors do not go 2-0 down again, as the Los Angeles Lakers are a much more formidable opponent. We back the Warriors to tidy things up in game two and even split the first two games at home.

Prediction: Golden State Warriors To Win according to Stake.

Odds: 1.46

NBA point spread predictions for Lakers Vs Warriors Game 2

The Warriors lost by five points to the Los Angeles Lakers in game one. The Lakers boast an outstanding defense, so if they lose game two to the Warriors, it will be a close game, which is why we are backing the Lakers to cover the spread as the underdogs in game two.

Prediction: Los Angeles Lakers +5.5

Odds: 1.96

Game two between these two Western Conference giants will be eccentric as the first game, as the Warriors are even in a more desperate position because they are already 1-0 down at home. Will LeBron James eliminate a Stephen Curry team in a non-final playoff game? Keep following FBR as we bring you the latest news, previews, and predictions on the NBA playoffs.

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