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The patent betting system explained

All you need to know about the Patent betting system from FBR specialists

Published on 02 Jun 2023

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In sports betting, the Patent Betting System is a type of multiple bet that entails placing a single wager on three different options. It is called after the patent bet, a type of wager that is popular in horse racing but may also be utilized in other sports. We explore the nuances of the Patent Betting System in this piece, looking at its underlying principles, advantages, and tactics. We examine the applicability of the technique to several sports and markets while stressing its potential to alter how we view betting completely. You will be prepared to embrace a new level of gambling and uncover a world of possibilities by grasping the complexities of the Patent Betting System. This is bound to change your betting success.

What is a Patent bet?

A patent bet comprises seven bets on three other options. Three singles, three doubles, and one treble make up these wagers. The parts are broken out as follows:

  • Singles: Each of the three choices is supported separately. This entails placing three different wagers, one for the outcome of each choice.
  • Doubles: Combining two of the choices creates three doubles. This implies that you put three more bets, each of which covers two of the three options.
  • Treble: The last wager is a treble, which combines each of the three choices into a single stake.

Patent bet example

Consider that you want to wager on the next three football games: Newcastle vs. Manchester City (Match C), Liverpool vs. Manchester United (Match B), and Chelsea vs. Arsenal (Match A). You predict that Newcastle vs. Manchester City will result in a draw, Liverpool will triumph in match B, and Chelsea will win match A.

You would lay the following seven wagers to place a patent wager:


  • Match A is a single on Chelsea to win.
  • .Match B single: Liverpool to win
  • Match C single is Newcastle vs Manchester City to end in a draw.


  • Bet on both Chelsea and Liverpool to win matches.
  • Bet on Chelsea to win Match A and a draw between Newcastle and Manchester City.
  • Bet on Liverpool to win Match B and Newcastle vs Manchester City to end in a draw.


  • Bet on Chelsea to win Games A and B, Liverpool to win Games B, and a draw in Games C.

You have coverage and a chance to win with this patent bet, even if one or two of your picks are wrong. You will win all seven wagers if your three picks are correct. You will at least receive one winning wager (the single) if only one choice is correct. If two picks are right, you will win at least two bets (one single and one double). You will only win bets if all three predictions are correct.

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How to work out patent bet?

To work out a Patent bet, you need to calculate the individual bets within the bet type. Here’s an example to illustrate the calculation:

Pick 1: Team A will triumph – Odds: 2.0

Pick 2: Team B will triumph – Odds: 1.5

Pick 3: Team C will triumph – Odd: 3.0

For each wager, assuming a $10 stake, the calculation would be as follows:


Single 1: Potential gains are $10 * 2.0 = $20.

Single 2: Potential profits of $10 * 1.5 = $15

Single 3: Potential returns are $10 * 3.0 = $30.


Double 1 (AB): Potential gains of $10 * (2.0 * 1.5) = $30

Double 2 (AC): Potential returns of $10 * (2.0 * 3.0) = $60

Double 3 (BC): Potential returns are $10 * (1.5 * 3.0) = $45


Triple (ABC): Potential gains of $10 * (2.0 * 1.5 * 3.0) = $90

What is a permed patent?

A permutation of the choices in a Patent bet is called a “Permed Patent.” You can construct numerous possibilities by choosing fewer than three outcomes for each sort of bet when placing a “perm” on a Patent bet. For instance, you would place fewer bets overall if you permed a Patent with two selections in each wager.

Let’s use the following case to demonstrate: In our patent bet example, we will use Match A, B, and C to illustrate permed patent bet combinations.

  • A, B, and C, singles
  • AB, AC, and BC in doubles

You can lower the number of bets and the total amount by perming a Patent wager. However, the potential payoff if your picks are successful may be affected because you have fewer combinations. It’s crucial to understand your preferred betting site’s unique rules and computations to calculate the potential rewards and dangers involved with a permed Patent bet.

Pros and cons of bets in a Patent


  • Broader coverage: The patent bet approach provides greater coverage and the chance to earn returns even if not all picks are successful. Higher initial stake requirements are another consequence, though.
  • Risk control: The patent bet technique offers some risk control because winning on one or more picks can still produce a profit. When opposed to conventional single bets, this can help minimize losses.


  • Cost increases: The patent bet system boosts winning possibilities but also necessitates a bigger initial expenditure because numerous bets are involved. This can be a significant disadvantage, mainly if the user’s resources are limited or the system is not always profitable.
  • Analysis and skill are necessary for a patent bet system to be implemented successfully. The choices must be thoroughly examined, and the odds must be carefully taken into account. It is critical to thoroughly comprehend the sports or events being backed up and the aptitude to recognize value wagers. The patent bet system might not produce consistent earnings without a thorough analysis.

The efficiency and profitability of a patent bet system ultimately depend on a number of variables, including the precise method applied, the betting strategy used, and the person’s aptitude for in-depth analysis and precise outcome prediction. Patent bet systems may provide certain benefits, but it’s vital to recognize their limitations and consider other considerations before making any judgments.

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