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What is a Round Robin Betting and How Does it Work for Sports Betting?

Understand how round robin betting works and how to place bets in this format.

Published on 26 Jan 2023

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What is a Round Robin Betting?

A round-robin bet is a sports wager that allows you to select multiple teams in one event and win if any of them win. How does it work? You place your bets on two or more teams, each with a different selection method (e.g., money line, spread, etc.). For example, if you place a $10 wager on Team A and Team B at +120 odds while selecting Team C at -110 odds, your payout will be calculated by looking at how every team did relative to one another. If Team A won the game outright and both B and C lost their respective bets by 3-4 points, then all three would come out ahead according to this scenario because none of them would have been defeated by more than 4 points overall.

How Does a Round Robin Betting Work?

The process of creating a round-robin betting structure is relatively simple. You must select a number between 2 and 4 teams to use in your round-robin bet. Once you have chosen your teams, all you need to do is calculate how many different combinations of parlays can be made using only those four teams. If you choose two teams, there will be six combinations of 2-team parlays that can be made with the two chosen teams. In other words: 2 x 1 = 1 (2 team parlay) 1 x 1 = 1 (1 team parlay) Total Combinations = 6

Sports Handicappers Mostly Use Round-Robin Bets

As we mentioned above, it’s a type of parlay that is mostly used by experienced handicappers who are already confident in their match analysis. A round-robin bet is also called a combination bet because it includes more than one game from different sports in one wager. It can include two or three games at most; however, this number can differ depending on the rules set by your bookmaker. If you want to move from the category of beginners to the category of more experienced bettors, then this type of bet is for you. If you feel that your analytical skills have improved and you have become more confident in your decisions, then choose a round-robin bet. The round-robin bet is also an excellent way for beginners to earn their first profits in online betting since it allows them to try out various types of bets without risking too much money at once.

Excellent Flexibility

Round-robin betting is a parlay that allows you to create combinations. It means that you have to decide on the number of teams you want to include in any round-robin bet, ranging from two to four. The choice is yours. In addition, unlike the conventional parlays, where there is only one option (when picking out your winning team), with round robins, you can choose any number between 2 and 4, making it even more flexible than regular parlays. With round robins, there are many different ways in which one can go about creating their bets depending on what they want and how much they’re willing to spend.

For example: if someone wants to make sure that they have three or four winning bets under their belt while minimizing losses as much as possible before getting paid out by their sportsbook, they’ll need at least three different 2-team parlays (two winners + one loser). This way, if all three lose, there wouldn’t be anything left over because only two out of these three would’ve been successful. If any two were able, then we’d still have two winners, so no loss here either, remember, though, because this will increase risk significantly.

You can select the number of teams you want to add to your ticket. For example, if you choose four teams, there will be six combinations of 2-team parlays, four 3-team parlays, and one 4-team parlay. Choose any number between two to four teams. For instance, if you want to create a four-team parlay, you can choose any number between two to four teams. You will then have six combinations of 2-team parlays, four 3-team parlays, and one 4-team parlay. Implementing a strategy will be rather easier with a top sportsbook. Therefore, FBR, along with VOdds, prepare for you an exclusive bonus of 25% on your initial deposit. How to get it? You only have to do three simple steps: click on the link, register, play, and the bonus is yours!

Combinations With Four Teams

The combinations will be taken from these four teams. If you choose four teams, there will be six combinations of 2-team parlays, four 3-team parlays, and one 4-team parlay. To make things as simple as possible, your stake is returned to you in full if you bet on two games and the same team wins them. If not, however, then your stake will be lost. If all three games are won, your stake will be returned to you in full (or at least most of it). If only two out of three teams win their respective games, then part or all of the total amount wagered may be lost depending on how many points were scored by each team within that particular competition/match/game, etc.

The round robin betting is one of the best options for handicappers who have good knowledge about all the different team performances. The round robin allows you to select any number between two and four teams and create a 4-team parlay or a 2-team parlay. You can also add a fifth team to your selection if you want more than two individual bets in one ticket. Before placing such a bet, remember that you must carefully analyze the teams and determine the number of parlays. Start betting with small amounts of money as you learn a new strategy. You can increase the sum as your confidence grows.

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