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BetOnValue up to 20% discount subscription

Up to 20% discount subscription

I WANT THIS BONUS BetOnValue rewards its users tons of discounts and bonuses. For newcomers there are varying percentage discount depending on which subscription option they would avail. Moreover, for renewing users, there exists a increasing discount relative to the length of subscription availed. BetOnValue is proud to offer you the chance to make more on your betting by being the best informed in the business! Select the free version to get the standard bookmakers, 20 minutes surebets delay and access to the fabulous accounting system. Even better, choose among the Silver subscription and receive 3 minute surebet delays and all bookmakers, or the ultimate Gold subscription for no delay at all!


They currently have Standard bookmakers and exchanges but, in addition, they collect odds for another betting companies. Think! The more bookmakers you see, the better odds and SureBets you will get! Select Silver or Gold to get all of the providers available!

Odds updates

The more you bet on fast moving markets like in-running / live betting or betting exchanges, the more important the updating speed will be for you. They have invested in this project and now it is implemented on the BetOnValue site so you can benefit from it: zero odds delay whether you choose Free, Silver or Gold subscription.


In the free version, sureBets are 20 minutes delayed. But if you are seriously into arbitrage betting, you need faster updates. Choose between the Silver subscription, where the delay is only 3 minutes, and Gold where there is no delay at all! This is the closest you get to real-time information on the market. Another distinguishing feature is the inclusion of betting exchanges, where many new opportunities arise from placing back/lay surebets. Because of the limited volume, this is for Silver and Gold users only. SureBets come fast, they go fast!