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Round Robin Betting Guide

In sports betting, a round-robin is simply described as a series of smaller parlays from a bigger list of teams a punter picks. Check out how a round-robin bet works and identify strategies to raise your chances for a higher payout.

How To Spot a ‘Beard’

The role of a ‘beard’ serves crucial for bettors who value their privacy and want to avoid complications. Get to know these persons who do the dirty work in placing money on behalf of other bettors and take risks for it.

How to Win at In-Game Wagers

As sports betting websites have evolved in smartphones the last few years, punters now have the flexibility to place their money from the nearest sports bar to the comfort of their homes. Bookmakers have also adjusted to the times by offering in-game wagering to bettors even as the games have already started.


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How to Dodge a Bad Beat and Getting Sharp

There will be instances when bettors are all primed up for a win after placing their money on a certain team or player only to get heartbroken over some wild and unexpected things that happened at the last minute – or even the last second – of a match. This is what bettors call a Bad Beat.

Risk-Free Bets Explained

Gambling is arguably the most polarizing activity in existence. Tying together luck, trust, and sheer determination, even a beggar could turn into a millionaire overnight. Though that isn’t the consensus case, most gamblers lose all of their money, get bankrupt, be buried in debt, and just fall further into their gambling addiction.

Sports Betting Middle Explained

Before every game, things that mess up betting lines often occur occasionally. It could be in the form of injuries, substantial roster moves, or personnel changes, it doesn’t matter. All of it gravitates towards one thing, a change in betting lines. In light with this, bettors are given a chance to “middle” a point spread of a bet. But, what exactly is a middle, and how does it work?

Longshots vs. Favorites | Longshots and Favorites Explained

Longshots may be most associated with horse racing, but bookmakers and bettors are getting more exposed with the term at any sport to tag two respective teams or players in a certain game. Conservative bettors are likely to stake their money on the favorites despite a smaller profit (depending on how big are you betting) that carries low risks.

Boosted Odds Meaning | Sports Betting Boosted Odds

In sports betting, there exist three hierarchical aspects that a bet’s fate revolves around: Bias, Research, and the most important one, Luck. The latter is heralded of utmost importance as there is no such thing as “sureness” in any game of any sport.

Expanding the Spread Betting Multiverse

There are always two sides to a story. This also holds true with spread betting, which has gone a long way that it expanded at a giant universe, or say, a multiverse, through several sports betting websites that are accessible anywhere from a local bar to even a remote town that barely has enough Internet access for bettors to stake their money on the games they love.

What is Betting Against the Spread or ATS?

What is Betting Against the Spread or ATS?

Sports betting is all about the thrill, the rush, the feeling of earning heaps of money off compelling bets. And there couldn’t be a more exciting type of sports betting than betting against the point spread, more commonly known as ATS. But what exactly is betting against the spread? How does it differ from the typical wagers that bettors do?

How do Parlays and Teasers work?

How Do Parlays and Teasers Work?

Parlays and Teasers might be the most polarizing form of Sports betting to wager on. People, from time-to-time bet on parlays and teasers, some just more frequent than the average. Bottomline, people love to bet on parlays and teasers.


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