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2023 IIHF World Championship (936x348)

Preview of 2023 IIHF World Championship Games

All you need to know about the upcoming IIHF World Championship tournament, including predictions and odds.

Published on 11 May 2023

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The International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship (IIHF), a highly anticipated tournament in the ice hockey world, is about to retake the stage. The top ice hockey players worldwide will compete to win the coveted world championship. The 2023 IIHF World Championship will provide exhilarating and unforgettable experiences for hockey fans worldwide, with national teams from over 16 countries expected to compete. In this preview, we’ll look at the specifics of the competition, the venue, how to watch and what to anticipate from it, and the favorite to win it all.

Host countries

Latvia and Finland will host this year’s 2023 Men’s IIHF World Championship Games edition. Initially, Russia and Belarus were supposed to host the tournament, but their right to host this year’s competition was revoked due to their part in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Date and venue

  • Date: Friday, May 12th 2023 – Sunday, May 28th 2023
  • Venue: Nokia Arena, Tampere, Finland

Arena Riga, Riga, Latvia

2023 Men’s IIHF World Championship seeding

Group A (Finland)

  • Finland (1)
  •  United States (4)
  •  Sweden (5)
  •  Germany (9)
  •  Denmark (10)
  •  France (13)
  •  Austria (15)
  •  Hungary (20)

Group B (Finland)

  •  Canada (2)
  •  Czechia (6)
  •  Switzerland (7)
  •  Slovakia (8)
  •  Latvia (11)
  •  Norway (12)
  •  Kazakhstan (16)
  •  Slovenia (19)

2023 Men’s IIHF World Championship team news

A minimum of 15 skaters (forwards and defensemen) and a maximum of 22 skaters and three goaltenders make up each team’s roster.

2023 IIHF World Championship schedule

12 May 2023

  • Finland Vs United States
  • Sweden Vs Germany
  • Slovakia Vs Czechia
  • Latvia Vs Canada

13 May 2023

  • France Vs Austria
  • Hungary Vs Denmark
  • Germany Vs Finland
  • Switzerland Vs Slovenia
  • Norway Vs Kazakhstan
  • Slovakia Vs Latvia

14 May 2023

  • United States Vs Hungary
  • France Vs Denmark
  • Sweden Vs Austria
  • Slovenia Vs Canada
  • Norway Vs Switzerland
  • Czechia Vs Kazakhstan

15 May 2023

  • Germany Vs United States
  • Finland Vs Sweden
  • Slovakia Vs Canada
  • Czechia Vs Latvia

16 May 2023

  • Denmark Vs Austria
  • France Vs Hungary
  • Slovenia Vs Norway
  • Switzerland Vs Kazakhstan

17 May 2023

  • United States Vs Austria
  • Finland Vs France
  • Latvia Vs Norway
  • Canada Vs Kazakhstan

18 May 2023

  • Hungary Vs Sweden
  • Denmark Vs Germany
  • Czechia Vs Slovenia
  • Switzerland Vs Slovakia

19 May 2023

  • Hungary Vs Finland
  • Austria Vs Germany
  • Latvia Vs Slovenia
  • Kazakhstan Vs Slovakia

20 May 2023

  • United States Vs Denmark
  • Austria Vs Finland
  • Sweden Vs France
  • Norway Vs Czechia
  • Canada Vs Switzerland
  • Kazakhstan Vs Latvia

21 May 2023

  • Germany Vs Hungary
  • United States Vs France
  • Slovenia Vs Slovakia
  • Czechia Vs Switzerland

22 May 2023

  • Denmark Vs Sweden
  • Austria Vs Hungary
  • Canada Vs Norway
  • Kazakhstan Vs Slovenia

23 May 2023

  • Germany Vs France
  • Sweden Vs United States
  • Finland Vs Denmark
  • Slovakia Vs Norway
  • Canada Vs Czechia
  • Switzerland Vs Latvia

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2023 IIHF World Championship favorites


Without a doubt, Canada is the competition’s heavy favorite. They have set a record by winning the IIHF World Championship 27 times, the year 2021 marked their most recent victory. They have a wide range of talented players, many of whom compete in the National Hockey League. Their failure to successfully defend their 2021 championship last year was a setback. Still, it doesn’t diminish their capacity to compete at the highest level, which is why they are expected to win the championship this year.


Last year, Finland edged past Canada in the finals to win their fourth title. That marked the second title in the last three competitions for Finland, and it has drawn our attention to how much the Finnish National team could achieve if they continue with their fine run of form. In addition, Finland is part of the two countries hosting this competition, so home advantage will be critical moving on. Finland is the second favorite to win it all and make it back-to-back championships.


Sweden has the third-best odds of winning this competition. They were once a dominant force in the IIHF World Championship as they won 11 gold medals, the most recent being in 2018. Despite having strong players, the team has also underperformed in recent years. However, they are known for playing a systematic, organized brand of hockey that prioritizes teamwork and defense, which can work well in tournament-style competitions. Sweden will also play in a familiar environment this year, which is why we anticipate that many fans will be in the crowd supporting them.

2023 IIHF World Championship prediction

The FBR analysts are backing Finland to win it all this year. Although Finland and Canada have come first and second in the last three tournaments, Finland has the home-ice advantage in this tournament, and they are coming in confident as the defending champions. Playing miles away from home is a difficult position for the Canadian National Team. Finland is like a new wave rising; they look determined to usurp the ever-dominating Canada.

Pick: Finland to win it all

Odds: 3.50 (decimal) +250 (American)

The 2023 IIHF World Championship is one amazing tournament with many dynamics recently. As the rising wave, Finland is looking to usurp Canada and end their dominance in the competition. However, despite Canada not winning it last year, they came second. It’s a close competition between these two countries, but will we see a new piece in the title fight in this year’s tournament? Follow FBR for more ice hockey competition news, previews, and predictions.

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