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Boxing: Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Garcia, Odds and Predictions

Know more about Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Garcia Fight including odds and fair predictions. Do not hesitate and start winning with us!

Published on 19 Jan 2023

The fight will take place on the night of January 7-8 in Washington (Capital One Arena), USA. WBA World lightweight champion Gervonta Davis (27-0, 25 KOs) and WBA super featherweight champion Hector Luis Garcia (16-0, 10 KOs) had a battle of views.

During the duel of views, Davis pushed his opponent.

Tank Davis vs. Hector Garcia Fight Prediction

With his speed and strength, Hector Garcia can make the opening rounds of this fight exciting and in his favor. However, it was clear from Davis’ patience and defense he had significantly progressed from earlier encounters. 

The strength Gervonta Davis can bring, something that Garcia still needs to face, makes up for what Gervonta Davis might lack in volume versus Garcia. In terms of the star power both boxers draw, this is one of the biggest contests in recent boxing history. 

Both boxers are left-handed. Both are very versatile – they can work both as the first number and from the opponent. The most striking blow performed by Garcia is a left cross. At close range, he most often arranges wild and not very rational fights (which is not recommended against the “Tank”). But on the far side, he defends well with shoulder rolls and counters well.

Garcia starts attacks with a lazy jab and a left straight. He prefers to impose power boxing on his opponent, he likes to pinch the ropes. At the same time he often hits below the belt – his left straight on the body is also worth fearing.

With a high degree of probability, he will try to give the center of the ring to Davis. Otherwise, everything can end for him very quickly – “Tank” is insanely good against sweeping sluggers. Gervonta will have an undeniable advantage in power, accuracy, striking arsenal, timing and experience. And he fights at his weight.

So, Free Betting Reviews analysts predict that Gervonta will win with a high probability. 

Davis and Garcia are top ranked in the bookmakers’ rankings. 

Betting on Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Garcia


Stake is a reliable and trustworthy betting company. It has been operating for many years and has a good reputation.

According to a Cyber bet on Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Garcia, the prediction is that Gervonta Davis will win this fight. The company’s experts think Gervonta Davis will win by knockout in the fourth round.

A bet on this fight could be a good investment but check back with us before placing your bets.

Gervonta Davis has been given a lower odds of 1.06, while Hector Garcia has been given an odds of 8.80 to win the fight. This shows Hector Garcia has no chance of winning the fight against Gervonta Davis.

Gervonta Davis has been in the boxing business for some good years, while Hector Garcia only started his professional career recently. Gervonta Davis is a much stronger and more experienced fighter than Hector Garcia. This will be the second time these two fighters face each other in a ring.

1 x Bet

1 x Bet is also in favor of Gervonta Davis. He has a higher chance of winning the fight, and he has been given an odds of 1.42, while Hector Garcia has been given an odds of 8.7 to win the fight.

Gervonta Davis has been given more chances of winning the fight, and this means that he is more likely to win it. This is essential information because you can use it when placing your bets.

While Hector Garcia is a great boxer, he has a low chance of winning this fight against Gervonta Davis. 

So, if you are looking to place bets on the fight, consider all these factors that will help you decide who to bet on.

Bet 0 Bet

According to bet 0 bet, Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Garcia is a fight that will be worth watching, and here are our main predictions heading into this fight.

Gervonta Davis is the favorite at 1.04 decimal odds, while Hector Garcia is at 9.63 decimal odds. The difference in these odds suggests that Gervonta Davis has a strong chance of winning, and I recommend betting on him. 

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The analysts from Free Betting Reviews agree with the bookmakers and predict that Gervonta Davis will win with a certainty.

Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Garcia is a fight that could be one of the most exciting fights of 2023. It features two undefeated fighters looking to make their mark on boxing history.

Gervonta Davis is one of the best fighters in the sport, and Hector Garcia is looking to show that he has what it takes to compete at this level of competition.

Both fighters have a lot to prove in this fight, which should be very entertaining. 

If you want to bet on the fight, then check out our list of boxing betting sites. Our specialists recommend betting on Gervonta Davis.

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