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Fees and limits

FastSpring provides a flexible fee structure, with transaction fees determined by the chosen pricing plan. The platform offers customizable subscription plans tailored to businesses' specific requirements, ensuring a transparent and scalable approach to fees and limits.


Security is a top priority for FastSpring, with the implementation of industry-standard measures. Robust encryption and secure data storage protocols are in place to safeguard customer information and transactions, instilling confidence in both merchants and customers.


When it comes to managing funds, FastSpring allows merchants to choose between daily or weekly payouts, providing flexibility based on individual preferences. The timing of funds reaching the merchant's bank account is contingent upon the selected payout cycle, allowing for a personalized and efficient financial workflow.


For withdrawals, merchants have the capability to initiate transactions directly from their FastSpring account to their linked bank accounts. The efficiency of this process ensures that funds should reach the designated bank account within the specified payout schedule, streamlining financial operations for merchants using the FastSpring platform.

In summary, FastSpring's approach to fees, security, deposits, and withdrawals is designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. The platform's commitment to flexibility, transparency, and security makes it a reliable choice for merchants seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for their e-commerce transactions.