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Unlocking Winning NHL Hockey Betting Trends In 2023

Get the inside scoop on NHL hockey betting trends for 2023. We provide in-depth analysis and expert insights on player performance, team matchups, and more.

Published on 08 Mar 2023

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One of the most fun leagues to bet on is the NHL, especially after the All-Star break. If you know how to bet on these games correctly, you can undoubtedly maximize your earnings because there are often unexpected upsets in a lot of games, and the dynamics of the games vary massively. Free Betting Reviews have put together this NHL betting guide to bring you through everything you need to know about the most recent events in the ice hockey world. Both experienced, and novice bettors can use these tips. Keep reading as we also bring you the betting trends in hockey in 2023.

Top NHL Betting Trends in 2023

  • Home or Away Team’s Trend

Look at the home and away records of the favorite and underdog clubs. Some teams may be in their poorest form, but while playing away from home, they may still be doing well enough to win games on their home ice. Some teams may experience the opposite. The Boston Bruins are a good example because they have only dropped two games at home in the 2023–23 NHL season. They have lost six, so they are slightly exposed on the road. Given that the Bruins have the best home record this season, you know who to back when they play in Boston, regardless of the opposition. Make sure to find out the strongest point of the team you are backing.

  • How a Team Performs After Suffering a Loss

In the NHL, the previous performance of a team is key to how they will perform in the game you are about to place a bet on. Top NHL teams tend to bounce back from a loss with a win, but it also depends on the team they are up against. There is a thin line between a team that just slipped up once and one about to be on a losing streak. In this situation, you refer to statistics and observe how the teams have performed off a loss in previous games. The team that has suffered a loss has extra incentive to return to winning ways.

  • The Fatigue Factor

The NHL, just like the NBA, is a league with a hectic schedule. Teams hardly get a two-day rest in between games. This plays a huge role in team performance, as a well-rested team has a better chance of winning against a team playing back-to-back. As the league approaches the postseason, the depth of various teams will be tested, and this will show how they can handle fatigue. In this case, back the team with more depth and well-rested.

  • The Trade Winners

As the trade window for the NHL has finally come to a close, a number of teams now have a new look, while others might have added some key pieces to complete the existing squad. A typical example is a team like the New York Rangers, which added Patrick Kane and Vladimir Tarasenko to the squad. With this move, the Rangers significantly strengthened their top-six forward lineup. Now they offer more threat on offense, and when betting on games involving a team like the Rangers, you can expect more offensive output.

Top Two Betting Markets in The NHL in 2023

Here, we will look at favorable betting markets in the NHL this season.

  • Totals Betting 

  1. You can bet on the number of goals scored in a game by placing a total bet. It is typical to see NHL games with as little as two goals and as many as five to 10 goals scored.
  1. You can wager on the “Over” on a game’s total if you believe the goaltending will be poor or the offenses will be explosive on any particular night. You can wager on the “Under” if you believe the NHL match will be a defensive battle.
  1.  The offensive and defensive players’ forms are also quite important in this betting market. When using this betting market, be aware of these trends. You have an advantage when betting on the totals, mainly when it’s challenging to identify the favorite or underdog.
  • Player Props

  1. An NHL prop bet is a betting market that enables you to wager on a game-related event or result that has no bearing on the game’s outcome. You can wager on a player to score at any point throughout the game if you anticipate them having a big night.
  1.  As you are only concerned with the player’s performance, you may take on less risk. Even if his team loses, you win your bet as long as he scores. You can only make good use of this market when you can identify the focal point in a team’s offense.

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Statistics to Look Out For in The NHL in 2023

Here is the data you should concern yourself about when betting on games in the NHL this year.

  • Against the spread

How the team has fared against the spread in recent games. For example, a team that has been 4-1 ATS in its last five games when playing on the road is more likely to continue such a trend.

  • Total

The total in the games the team has played is another key factor. For example, if a team has gone UNDER in four of their last five games, they tend to have a subsequent low-scoring game.

  • Straight up

Straight up is a term that refers to moneyline basically. Check the number of games a team has won in recent games to arrive at your prediction. For example, a team can be 7-1 in their last eight games.

The above listed are techniques and betting markets to maximize profits when betting on NHL games in 2023. Adherence to this guide will give you an edge over other bettors, as we painstakingly put this guide together after thorough research to obtain statistical references. Follow Free Betting Reviews for more guides like this on the NHL.

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