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Strategies of Parlay Betting – Full Guide for Beginners!

Learn more about the various parlay betting strategies that will help you become a successful player. With FBR, you will find the best strategy to win.

Published on 08 Feb 2023

Parlay Bet

The majority of people who bet on sports are familiar with the parlay bet, as it is a fairly prevalent sort of wager. Despite the fact that it is known by two entirely different names in the EU and the US, it has been around for a very long time and has gained a significant amount of popularity in both regions. The term “accumulator betting” is more common in European countries than it is in the United States.

A parlay bet is a type of bet that enables gamblers to place bets on numerous games all at once rather than making multiple separate bets on each game. It’s kind of like combining numerous smaller bets into one massive wager instead. However, when it comes to parlay bets, the odds are significantly better than what you would anticipate, but the risk is also significantly higher. To win a parlay bet, each individual match in the bet must be successful. The entire parlay is lost if even a single wager is unsuccessful. It can be summed up in such a way.

When applied appropriately, parlays have the potential to yield quite impressive results. Having said that, putting this into practice can be challenging. Because every choice must be accurate, it is typically exceedingly challenging to come out on top in these competitions. They make up for this disadvantage by providing extremely generous bonuses. In fact, the potential rewards are what makes parlays so appealing, particularly to recreational bettors. This is because they increase the odds of winning. Regrettably, the vast majority of casual gamblers lack the knowledge necessary to place parlays in an efficient manner.

Best Strategies of Parlay Betting

There are many types of stakes, along with the single bets. Free Betting Reviews has collected the most profitable strategies for beginners.

  • Using free money offers for sports betting

Bonuses in the form of free play credits rather than cash could be a great opportunity for betting parlays at some sites. Please allow us to elaborate. At -110, a $100 cash wager results in a payout of $90.91. With a successful wager, you stand to win $190.91 (your $100 wager plus $90.91). You only win $90.91 when you wager $100 on free play.

The free bet can only be used once and cannot be redeemed for cash. The free game will be forfeited regardless of the outcome of the bet. Make the most of your free time. Betting the free play on a 3-team parlay would yield the same return as carrying both your winnings and your original wager forward a further 2 times. Simply put, a free play utilized in a three-team parlay is worth three times as much as a free play used in a point spread bet. Calculating your profit is pretty easy, you can use parlay calculators, or some sportsbooks calculate it automatically.

But the best strategy is to find a reliable bookmaker with high odds. Free Betting Reviews with sportsbook VOdds provides an exclusive bonus in just a few simple steps. Follow the link, and get 25% on your initial deposit!

  • Hedging

Parlay wagers typically come down to the last game. Let’s say you’ve made it this far in a parlay and are staring at a potential payoff since you’ve won all the previous games on your ticket. If you want to ensure a profit, you might hedge your parlay pick with an opposite bet.

Half of your potential wins on the opposite side is one NFL parlay betting system for hedging. For instance, a $100 four-team parlay with +1,100 odds still has one game to play, potentially yielding a $1,100 payout. One last parlay selection, with the underdog at +3.5. (-110).

Half of those parlay profits, $550, may be used to wager on the -3.5 favorite (-110) and win $500. With such a strategy, you stand to gain $400 regardless of the outcome of the parlay (because $500 minus the original $100 parlay wager equals $400). Profit of $550 is possible if the parlay is successful ($1,100 minus $550 hedging bet).

  • Correlated parlays

Bookmakers’ worst nightmare is correlated parlays. Let’s assume you may wager on whether or not it will be cloudy and whether or not it will rain today. This situation calls for a parlay wager. Either both would be yes or both would be no in your parlay. These kinds of openings can be found in sports betting, albeit the strength of the association between the two is questionable.

Take, for instance, a -21.5/+21.5 point spread on college football with an over/under of 44.5. Both the favorite and the over or the under may be good parlay options here. The straight bet is always an option, but the parlay appears to offer higher expected value.

  • Bypassing stakes restrictions

One of the best ways to avoid betting limitations is to employ parlays. For NFL games, for instance, the typical maximum wager at a site catering to casual gamblers is $1,000. A three-team parlay would make the most sense if you’re a big roller and you notice three bets you’d like to gamble on one of those sites. The odds for this parlay are 5.96-1.

You can only risk $1,100 to win $1,000 if you wager on all three teams together. They have an average risk of $2,185.33 per wager, with a potential payout of $1,986.67 per wager when used in a parlay. In this type of wager, all three choices must be correct, so keep in mind that you’ll lose more frequently. If you make good decisions, the larger payments you receive when you do win should more than make up for the times you lose. Anyone looking to up the stakes can benefit from this strategy.

Parlay betting strategies vary from one bookmaker to another. Therefore, keep in mind that parlay bets can offer many profitable opportunities if you know the exact outcome of the game and are confident that you can predict it. If you win, your bankroll will increase significantly; however, a big profit is worth the risk

In conclusion, parlay betting is a type of bet that allows players to place bets on multiple games at once. It can be a highly rewarding form of betting, but also comes with a higher level of risk. To increase your chances of success, it’s important to understand and employ the right strategies, such as using free money offers, hedging, and finding correlated parlays. For more information on these and other strategies, be sure to check out the comprehensive betting guides available on the Free Betting Reviews website.

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