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Trends for NHL Playoffs Betting – How to Use in 2023?

Find out what the trends are for NHL postseason wagering and how you can use that information to win big in 2023.

Published on 14 Apr 2023

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The NHL playoffs betting system features high-intensity, physical play every night, so fans have a wide variety of betting options and games to watch. The betting trends for the Stanley Cup are probably not at the forefront of most of your minds right now, with March Madness taking up so much of the landscape. However, pucks are being played, action is being reported, and the odds for the NHL playoffs are changing as a direct result of these developments. Find out what the current betting trends are for NHL playoffs and how you can use them in 2023.

NHL Playoffs Betting Tips 

Moneyline, puck line, and Over/Under scoring rate are the three most common types of NHL betting tips. Bettors can capitalize on the action of hockey all the way from the regular season to the championship game. Free Betting analysts have compiled a list for your convenience. So please keep reading!

Money Lines

Choose the victor in an NHL matchup. The moneyline is the most simple and direct bet to make on hockey, with sportsbooks simply asking bettors to choose which team they believe will win the match. Each team will be given a moneyline that represents the implied chances of them winning the game. This is done due to the fact that not all teams are of equal quality. Therefore, the sportsbook determines the moneyline NHL betting odds for each team based on the team’s ability, and bettors have to accept a cost that corresponds to those odds

Puck Lines 

The puck line for most NHL games is set at 1.5 goals, with the favorite receiving a minus-1.5 point spread and the underdog receiving a plus-1.5 point spread. This is because NHL games tend to have few goals scored and are frequently very close. In games with a greater margin of victory for one team over another, the puck lines will be larger. The puck line is comparable to the point spread in other sports, except that instead of points, it uses the number of goals scored by each team as the margin of victory or defeat.

Over/Under Betting 

NHL playoffs betting game totals betting involves predicting the final score of a game. The oddsmakers predicted the total number of goals for both teams to score. Bettors can choose to wager on whether or not the final score will be “Over” or “Under” the posted total. Depending on the offensive and defensive strengths of the teams, most NHL Over/Under totals are set between 5 and 6.5 goals. Because of hockey’s low scoring, Over/Underscoring totals don’t fluctuate as much as they do in other sports like basketball and football.

One of the most attractive features of the NHL is that there are so many games in the NHL season, which gives countless opportunities for NHL betting. The biggest problem you will face is finding the best betting site.

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Predictions for the NHL Finals

Futures NHL betting predictions allow gamblers to select winners of championships, awards, and other honors in advance across a variety of categories within the National Hockey League (NHL). As a result, futures bettors have the opportunity to win large sums of money while taking on a smaller proportion of the overall risk. You can bet on futures at nearly any time during a season, but you’ll find the best odds during the preseason. This is why it’s so much more fun to make betting predictions about things like who will win the Stanley Cup or be named Most Valuable Player when you do so before the season has even begun.

NHL Stanley Cup Futures for 2023

It is time to start thinking about the upcoming postseason in the NHL now that April has arrived on the calendar and the temperature has started to rise. The competition for the Stanley Cup is getting more intense as each game goes by. The playoffs for the Stanley Cup begin on the 17th, three days after the regular season comes to a close on April 14. If necessary, the seventh and deciding game of the Stanley Cup Final will take place on June 18. The National Hockey League (NHL) is about to start another action-packed season, and here is a look at the odds to help you get ready. These are NHL playoffs betting odds courtesy of MyBookie as of 4:00 PM on April 9th, 2023.

  • Boston Bruins (+340 or 4.40)
  • Edmonton Oilers (+960 or 10.60)
  • Carolina Hurricanes (+1025 or 11.30)
  • New York Rangers (+1250 or 13.50)
  • Dallas Stars (+1525 or 16.30)
  • Minnesota Wild (+2000 or 21.00)
  • Seattle Kraken (+3100 or 32.00)
  • New York Islanders (+4100 or 42.00)
  • Pittsburgh Penguins (+4800 or 49.00)
  • Nashville Predators (+22000 or 221.00)
  • Colorado Avalanche (+630 or 7.30)
  • Toronto Maple Leafs (+990 or 10.90)
  • New Jersey Devils (+1150 or 12.5)
  • Vegas Golden Knights (+1325 or 14.30)
  • Tampa Bay Lightning (+1650 or 17.50)
  • Los Angeles Kings (+2200 or 23.00)
  • Florida Panthers (+3300 or 34.00)
  • Winnipeg Jets (+4300 or 44.00)
  • Calgary Flames (+6200 or 63.00)
  • Buffalo Sabres (+40000 or 401.00)

NHL Playoffs Betting Sites

More and more online sportsbooks are including video games like hockey in their betting options, as a way to accommodate the increasing number of people who are considering trying their hand at electronic sports. If you’ve used an online sportsbook before, you probably know about the different ways you can bet on different games. Fans who are interested can take a look at NHL Playoffs Betting Sites in Free Betting Reviews for the purpose of figuring out which one best suits their requirements.

The National Hockey League (NHL) features high-intensity, physical play each and every time, providing fans with plenty of opportunities to bet on and enjoy a wide variety of games. Fans who want more ways to bet on the NHL playoffs betting systems are turning more and more to online sportsbooks. So, people who want to bet on hockey should look at NHL betting lines, statistics, and betting trends before they place their bets. The NHL trends provide a glimpse, or slapshot, of how teams have fared in the past when put under pressure. For the most unbiased and detailed analysis of betting sites, look no further than Free Betting Reviews. Bookmakers, exchanges, and trading platforms that we highlight are ranked and reviewed in depth every month.

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